Michigan ~ Day 39

It was a little cooler today, thank goodness… We didn’t have water in the cafe/tasting room/store area this morning, so that needed to be fixed, and it didn’t get quite done until about 0945, which was when I finally made it up to the vineyards so that Jimmy could show me how he wanted the vines to be trained. It was slow work, but highly enjoyable, being up on the side of the hill with the breeze blowing and before the sun was too hot.

The tasting room was slow today. I actually closed right at 6, which I don’t recall ever happening. I got to video chat with the fam before they headed out for dinner. The Omnivore’s Dilemma was sitting in the front seat of my car when I got off work.

Dinner on my end was more fried fish and rice, along with some vegetable curry that Patrick and Kelly made. Maverick was on; I caught the end of it with everybody during dinner. Afterwards, Tim and KK and I were out on the deck with my guitar again.

And that was pretty much my whole day. Nothing too crazy, aside from the fact that I didn’t eat lunch until 4…


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