Michigan ~ Day 38

I really did mean to leave by 0800 or something like that this morning, but I guess I was more tired from this weekend than I thought. I ended up sleeping in until around 9, and didn’t leave the house till past 10. My to-do list looked like this:

handheld vacuum?
state parks, maps
clean room
letters to steffy, yena, julz, michelle?
answer jason’s email
mail stuff
swing dancing research tickets
almond flour
banana bread

Well, I did get a new pair of sandals. And now all the shoes I have with me are black. It’s rather amusing, actually, seeing them lined up along the wall.

Why on earth did I not go to Petoskey State Park sooner??? I’m ten minutes away from a gorgeous beach, and Lake Michigan is so clear. I’ll be going there pretty often for the rest of the summer; it wasn’t too busy when I got there at 1130, and I didn’t leave until near 1300, when it started to get a little busier, so I think if I go in the mornings on my off days or half days, it will be a nice place to just nap or read or write letters between 8 and 10 am.

Today was wage-war-on-the-spiders-and-crickets-in-my-room day. After a soy chai latte and some internet stuff, I went to Meijer and got myself a vacuum. C’mon, I’m going to be here six more weeks, and when I got home and cleaned my whole room, I did not regret my purchase; six crickets and at least ten spiders met death in my new vacuum. Crickets are a little slower than I thought they would be. They just sort of sit there. Weird.

I did two loads of laundry today because I also washed my sheets, and that took a decent amount of time. In the meantime, I blogged, worked on my Blissfest video, learned some new songs, wrote some letters, recorded some music, had a tasting of Chardonnay and a glass of cherry wine and finally recorded both in my journal, snacked on Pita chips… It was a nice way to spend the afternoon.

Dinner was rice and fried fish. Oh, Ais was so happy. KK fried some plantains for dessert =)

After dinner, I had my guitar out, and KK had requested Shout to the Lord. Tim and Jake were also upstairs with us, and we ended up singing for a good half hour or so… Busting out some classics; Lord I Lift Your Name on High, Hosanna, The Stand, As the Deer, Above All… as well as some newer songs, a capella, some MercyMe, Matt Maher, For King and Country… Tonight was more fun that Blissfest, and I’m looking forward to more nights like this with Tim, Jake, and KK. They’re the best.


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