Michigan ~ Day 37 ~ end Blissfest

Did I just imagine some uncomfortable squirming at Mass this morning? Father Joe’s entire homily was centered around the question, Are we primarily Americans, or are we primarily Catholics? “People say of abortion, ‘I don’t want to be a one-issue guy,’ but show me an issue that is of more significance.”

It was SUPER slow today in the tasting room. The only really interesting things that happened were people from Blissfest saying hi (Did the recognize me, or was it just the wristband? They mentioned the burritos…) and that one dude who was here a couple weeks ago came back… Did I blog about this? He’s in the band that’s playing for the next barn dance, or so he said.

This is an incredibly un-detailed post because I’m working on a Blissfest video, but basically I headed to bliss immediately after work, finished souvenir shopping, ate more delicious food, and hung out with all the people I had not previously had much of a chance to hang out with, namely KK, Jake, Kenny, Patrick, and Kelly. I danced my sandals to death, and it’s lucky that I’m not anywhere near as attached to them as the pair which preceded them, because they are utterly destroyed to the point where buying a new pair of sandals is on my list tomorrow. Yeah, that bad. They come off if I actually pick up my feet, so I have to walk with this sort of drag-shuffle… It’s great.

I went home early – about 2100 – and watched about an hour and then some of Bourne Supremacy with Chris. Patrick and Kelly came home at some point in the middle of it, and then Jake and KK showed up at around 2315, which was when we all decided to hit the sack.

Blissfest movie to come!!


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