Michigan ~ Day 36 ~ BLISSFEST!!! Day Two

Day Two of Blissfest…

Scott needed a delivery, so I was back at Bliss by around 0830 today. I only stayed long enough to unload and then headed back to the Farm. It’s nice having a green wristband; I get through the vendor’s entry and bypass all lines (and closed gates [gates don’t open to the public until 9am]). I spent about an hour online when I got back to the farm, then started setting up in the tasting room.

Today, the key guests were four couples; the first were the parents of the potter from whom I had bought my Blissfest mug the day before. Their other son is a graduate of the CIA and now works in some combination of R&D and QC/QA. Nice people; they said I should visit their [potter] son’s showroom downstate.

Of the second couple, the lady had been to our burrito stand and Blissfest and expressed her approval. Excellent =D She asked how Benjamin and I liked it so far, and conversation thrived… Until the third couple came and sat down next to them.

Through the typical, “Oh, you’re an intern?” questions, I found that this third couple was from Toledo, OH, and that the second couple was from Youngstown, OH, and furthermore, upon giving a brief review of my plans for continued education, I found that the gentleman of the third couple had gone to a Steubenville Men’s Retreat with his father and brother.

In between talking about Ohio in general – the second and third couples respectively were now in conversation with each other – that got us talking about Steubenville, real Catholic colleges vs. not… so… real… ones… the Steubie retreats, CREDO, the FFL, prolonged adolescence, the HHS mandate… Oh, Mom would have loved them. They – the third couple – had their two teenage daughters with them, and their dad was talking about his concerns with college coming up – the oldest is fifteen – and how he didn’t know that he felt comfortable sending his daughters to anywhere but Steubie. As to his younger daughter, he was concerned about her performance in [Catholic] school; apparently she just doesn’t like school, and they’re considering homeschooling her. They believe she’ll thrive as a homeschooler, and I encouraged the supposition. We talked about vocations and discernment and the Dominicans in Nashville. They half-tried to set me up with the gentleman’s younger brother. Lol.

The fourth couple was from St. Louis, though the gentleman was originally from Cinci. They were highly amusing; they were trying to convince me that checking out the Dominicans was all well and good, but that I should get married. In a totally non-threatening way, mind, and these were great-grandparents, so it wasn’t as if they were young and completely opposed to the thought of a celibate vocation or something like that. I dunno. Haha.

Scott needed more food, so I headed out at about 1900 and once again enjoyed the convenience of the vendor entry. After unloading and parking, I walked around and checked out all the shops that hadn’t been open yet the day before, bought some more souvenirs, ate pierogies with fried bacon and onions and a cherry turnover and sweet tea… And then called Bradley. Actually, that was a mistake, but he picked up, so hey.

I never knew that Kuya used to come up here every summer until he was about 15. I asked him where I should go and what I should do on my off days, and he gave me a few ideas for day trips. I also discovered, while telling him about our wines/ciders/incoming stuff, that he loves cherries. That was a very important discovery. We ended up talking for a good 45 minutes; I was a little bored anyway, my belly was full and the shops were thoroughly explored. He seemed to find it amusing that I felt like I was on another planet at Blissfest… I had to tell him he’d fit right in here, which of course he already knew. Long hair and beards and dreads everywhere, tie-dye and peace signs and people wearing dreamcatchers hanging from their hair and ears, sunglasses and bandannas, bellbottoms galore… Brad’s not quite there, but gosh. Hippies, and I mean that in the most non-derogatory way ever. It’s incredible. Everybody’s so laidback and easygoing; in fact, there was an announcement which caught my ear: the MC announced that coolers had been stolen and he really hated to hear that and have to announce it and tell people to maybe lock their doors, because he wanted everyone to understand that that’s not the sort of mood you bring to Blissfest, Blissfest farm is to be kept clean and everyone’s family and no one does anything that hurts anyone else and everyone should be able to leave their doors unlocked and their stuff out in the open… etc. etc. I was temporarily distracted by the pirate flag flying over one of the food vendors, and which I just realized, I never got a picture of.

Jill and Emily and Chris did eventually finish their shift, and everybody else showed up. In the end, I was with Jill, Emily, Chris, and Kelly, and we completely lost KK, Josie, Kenny, and Benjamin. Arrested Development was on the main stage, and we ended up enjoying the rest of their concert. By midnight, however, everybody just wanted to hang out at the tent. KJs!!! I really wanted to go to the silent disco, but I didn’t want to go alone!

Basically what the silent disco is, according to Benjamin who went three times on Friday night, is that there are around 75 headsets which rotate, and two DJs which rotated in and out. You could only hear the music if you had headphones; otherwise, it was entirely silent in the tent. So if you took the headphones off… well, everyone would look pretty hilariously weird, dancing away in total silence.

Nobody that I was with was up for silent disco, and Kelly decided that she wanted to go home with me instead of sleeping at Bliss again. We went by the food vendors with the intention of buying frozen chocolate-covered cheesecakes and discovered that our own burrito tent was still open. Patrick and Kelly were there hanging out with Jimmy and Scott and Marci. Booze was out and tongues were loosened, I stayed sober and had a good time watching everyone else =) We bought our cheesecakes, and I gave mine to Patrick after three bites. I ended up hanging out there for another hour – no idea how that happened – and so Kelly and I didn’t get home until 0130. I plugged phones and the laptop in and promptly crashed.


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