Michigan ~ Day 34

I left the cabin at around 0720 today to get gas before going to Mass. Even so, I was early, and I had a chance to finish my rosary which I’d started on the way, and also talk to Father, who introduced me to several people on their way, including the Youth and Young Adult Minister, Andy.

It seems that Father already had plans to take a parishioner out to lunch, and he decided to bring them to Pond Hill. I saw them come in from the kitchen, and was able to go and say hi. I also met Josie’s parents and grandmother, and her dad gave me his card; he’s a member of the ACF and owns a restaurant in Cadillac, where Josie and Kelsey have said we’ll need to find time to go together on a common day off.

Kelly and I switched for service today; she was on hot side and I was on cold side. I definitely like hot side better, but practice is always good. We prepped for Bliss after service, and I was sad because I couldn’t taste the spicy peanut sauce I made. Oh well.

I missed Daveed’s more than usual today. A couple of service days ago, I asked of the servers, “How many open?” and they thought I was asking how many empty tables we had, which they thought bizarre. Their confusion was quickly remedied, and I asked the same question today and received an almost-correct answer, but I could hear Jared asking the question in my head, and Chris coming back with numbers. Transitioning from the school environment to Daveed’s completely changed my understanding of how the kitchen and the waitstaff work together; we had our rough spots, but where school made the two entirely and unapologetically separate, Daveed’s showed me the more realistic necessity of the two being entirely on the same page. Here, people are willing to communicate, but the vocabulary isn’t there. Yet? I don’t know.

A conversation led to Scott asking how long I’d been in kitchens. “Not anywhere near as long as you.” “No, I don’t even want to go there; seriously, how long?” “Last year was my first real one.” “What? No way, I honestly thought it had been a lot longer than that. You’re doing really well for just a year.” I thought of something Chef Coltrane had said to me when he found me at MCI during one of the breaks before the Level I Somm exam. He’d heard about Daveed’s closing and he told me that even though it wasn’t the best way to go out, he said that I needed to remember that David was the one who had called me in and given me a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and with that in mind, I should finish strong.

I did stay until the very last day, to the very last minute and past it. Maybe subconsciously, what Chef Coltrane said stuck. But I remember when Rob was just going into 3601, I’d commented that he would own everyone in the class, and Chief had asked, “And do you know why, Ais? Because of J-RAD.” Nice to know that he knew it, too. If Scott thinks that I’m doing pretty well for just a year in the real world, I owe it to Jared.

Deja vu today, portioning beef for burgers and making up patties. And I was doing it with gloves three sizes too big for me, held in place with rubber bands. Yep, sounds familiar… Lol.

We left to set up for Bliss at around 1930ish. It’s a decent drive into the very heart of extreme farmland xD Hahaha. I’m glad I went, because I would have gotten sooooo lost on my own. Eight cars left Pond Hill together. By the time we got there, half the people were setting up their own tents and the other half were setting up the booth and we got all separated and crazy… But hey. The booth got set up, KK and Patrick and Kelly and Chris and Kelly all got their tents set up [and Kelly stayed the night], and I… well, I ended up directing the setup of Kelsey’s tent, which Josie and Jill had borrowed. It’s a five-room tent, not counting the screened-in porch area. I hadn’t been planning on sleeping at Blissfest at all, but now I’m considering sleeping there on Sunday night with the girls. I’m working the winery on Saturday and Sunday, which means I have to make the 0730 Mass on Sunday, and I’m not doing that unshowered… whereas there’s no Mass on Monday morning (I still haven’t figured out why there’s no Mass on Monday and Tuesday mornings) and I think they’ll give me Monday off because I’m working a full six days straight this week. Anyway, back to Kelsey’s tent. It’s almost as fun as our family’s tent. Almost. =D

I got back surprisingly early; KK had said that we would get back at 11, but we were back by 10. Scott took a different route than the way we’d come, and Patrick followed him, but I didn’t. It would have mixed me up terribly. Jake was riding with me and we timed the drive, and we still got to Pond Hill right as the dust was clearing from Scott and Patrick’s cars; we saw them driving up towards the cabin. I had to drop Jake off at his car, but I still made it to the cabin before Scott had a chance to turn around from dropping off [the other] Jake. Mama, Mom, have you caught onto that? Sorry. There’s two Jakes, two Kellys, and now there are two Chris’. Some of the old interns from a year and two years ago have shown up to help with Blissfest, so I met a number of new/old people today.

Peace out!!


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