Michigan ~ Day 33

I missed Mass this morning =( I wrote to Mama and confessed. I completely forgot to set my alarm clock. Not cool, not cool at all.

Patrick was to be in the tasting room with me today, but we were really slow, and I managed the whole day by myself. He and Kelly and Chris each came to check in and I was fine. Karen came in for her glass of Chardonnay rather early in the day, so that was a nice start =) The highlight, however, was a group of three, a daughter and her parents, that were all from Cinci and that go to the same church as Chef Sheldon. How small the world is, haha =D The daughter is a teacher in Mariemont. They were terribly nice, stayed a couple of hours, and I didn’t have any other customers until the last fifteen minutes of their stay. They’ve lived in Cinci forever, so I asked some questions and they told me about what Cinci was like in the 30’s and 40’s, particularly downtown Cinci, Findlay Market, and OTR. Time moved faster with them around =) I was sad to see them go, but they gave me hugs and we exchanged contact info; their daughter will be coming again to Pond Hill to say hi, she says.

Kelly and I had dinner and ran some errands in Harbor Springs. She was watching So You Think You Can Dance when I left to catch Mother online in the cafe. I got to video chat with the whole family =)

I got Yena’s package today!!!! My sister is so amazing. She sent me a chaplet, a bookmark, and a bracelet, all of which she made herself, as well as a printout on how to pray the chaplet, and a lovely letter. I remember waiting on that call from the hospital, telling me I finally had the sister I’d been waiting nearly eleven years for. God bless her! And she got my package today, too!!! While we were video chatting, I got to see Yena sporting the pashmina I sent her.

When I got back to the cabin, my guitar was out on the couch; I’d lent it to Chance before Kelly and I headed out for errands. KK was frying plantains, so I sat down and played Shout to the Lord for him. We ended up singing Here I Am to Worship, too, and I’ve promised him that I’ll re-learn Above All in the next couple of days. We sat down, and over friend plantains, KK and Chance read aloud the eleventh chapter of Proverbs, and then the Song of Songs. KK showed us his Bible in his own language, and read aloud to us from it also. It’s always so cool hearing the Word of God in other languages.

It was a perfect ending to my evening. +mGbp+


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