Michigan ~ Day 32

Alarm clock set for 0345 =D I haven’t been out fishing in weeks!!! It wasn’t the greatest day – we caught four fish and kept three, and the first two came before 0600, we didn’t even have all the lines in the water yet, at that point. We had quite the crew this morning; Jimmy, Chris, Tim, Kelly, and myself. We thought that with yesterday’s catch, we’d have an equally good one, but it wasn’t to be. We lost one big salmon, already in sight of the boat, which was such a pity… but hey! I caught a small salmon, just enough to feed probably four people, and promptly texted the fam =) Daddy texted back. It’s ridiculous to be getting better service out in the middle of Lake Michigan than out on the farm… We were talking about Bert and Ernie fishing and Sesame Street in general, and Kelly pulled up a youtube video of the Swedish Chef and we proceeded to try to muppet profile everybody we work with… LOL.

I hope it speaks for our comfort level that there were periods of time when the five of us would just be sitting quietly, enjoying the sun and the water, sometimes all crowded onto one side of the boat to balance it out… for some reason, there was water in the back right corner, so we’d all sit on the left side.

It was an incredibly slow day in the tasting room. Benjamin had left Chris and myself a list of things to do [along with a letter to us about how awesome he thinks we are :D], and we knocked out washing windows, restocking the wine room to maximum capacity, and rearranging the wine storage closet. The peach mead and the Cherry Finale are coming in!!! along with more of everything else. I am ridiculously excited for both, especially since I’ve heard that our Cherry Finale is all the rage. At least two or three times every day that I work here, people come in asking if the Cherry Finale is in yet, because they finished all theirs from last year and want more. I’d told Chris not prioritize whatever farm work needed to be done and to come in at around noon or whenever he felt so inclined. Time was passed with our to-do list. I was going to let him go early, too, but a small wave came in on his way out at around 1715, and he took over one of my tastings. He ended up sticking around until closing.

We’ve a new intern, Chance?, who will only be here for a week, but here was here as an intern two years ago. I don’t know if that’s how you spell his name, but that’s what it sounds like, and KK makes jokes about not having had “a chance to talk to Chance,” so… I’m going to run with it until he tells me otherwise. When he was here, the hill had been terraced for vines, but the cafe and the tasting room were completely unfamiliar to him, so I ran him through the tasting near the end of the day.

When I got off of work, I saw sheep running down from the vineyards towards the barn. Fail. I drove up in a hurry to the cabin, and Kelly and Chris and I spent some time chasing sheep and chickens back into their respective homes. We leave a net out next to the coop and we’re supposed to tell guests that they’re welcome to catch chickens and throw them back over the fence… Kelly and I caught one each and just left the rest, they’ll fly in and out anyway. Hey, they’re free-range. Really free-range =) Kelly and I were standing, frozen, at the edge of the woods, listening to these rustling sounds that we thought might be one of the sheep. Chris had run up the vineyards to look for sheep, and when he came down from the other side of the woods, he saw what we were listening for; it was just another chicken. Oh, and one of the cows got out again today, too. This place… hahaha.

Kelly had invited Chance up for dinner, and she and Patrick made a delicious meal of trout and salmon rubbed with jerk sauce, grilled veggies, pasta salad, and purple potato salad. We also enjoyed some pickled veggies, and blue corn tortilla chips with goat cheese. It was a beautiful day and we – Kelly, Patrick, Kelly, Chance, Chris, and myself – enjoyed dinner out on the deck with an assortment of beers, our Pinot Gris, and our hard cider.

I made a second batch of bread pudding on one of my days off with a bag of old muffins and chocolate chip cookies all crumbled together in a bag. I had one bite to test it and left the rest for everyone else. Considering that more than half of it is gone, I daresay it was well received.

I’m going to miss everybody so much… I can’t believe I’ve already made it through a whole month. We were trying to figure out when we could all go to Blissfest as a group; we’re all working different shifts, so we’re thinking Saturday night would be the best time, if we could all manage it. Wondering what Blissfest is? Check it out at http://blissfest.org/.


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