Michigan ~ Day 31

Looks like I missed a great morning for fishing!! I drove up to Sharon’s to start my laundry and found Marci’s dad standing next to the truck sporting six fish, three salmon and three lake trout. The biggest salmon looked at least 20lbs and then some.

I started my load and headed up to the cafe for morning meeting. I’m thinking I might have to record the proceedings sometime; I’m Farming and I Grow It, which mother passed on to me last week, is easier to appreciate now, but it still just scrapes the surface. I’m really looking forward to more videos from those guys. In the meantime, morning meeting, for me, gives an incredible insight as to the scope of awareness that Jimmy has and needs to maintain, and that he tries to pass on to all of us as we try to pitch in to make it all happen. He goes over the past week and what was accomplished with regards to each of the respective crops, the volume of business at the various farmers markets we participate in, the volume of business in the cafe and the tasting room, any animals that we received/were born/are expecting/ we should prepare for, any special events that may have happened in the past week or will be happening in the following week, our individual schedules and any requests that may need to be handled, recycling matters, incoming shipments, errands to be run such as picking up wine or kegs of cider or appliances for the intern cabin, upcoming weather and how it will affect our work, good and bad things to expect based on years of experience with regards to pests and control methods… so much, so much.

Afte morning meeting, I went to Sharon’s and finished some letters while waiting to switch my laundry over to the dryer. I then headed briefly to the post office, to PNC, and finally to Sunset park, where I spent over an hour in the sun while on the phone, first with Mother and the kids, and then with Trip.

It is so inexpressibly comforting to vent to Mother. And then I was able to talk to each of the kids until Nino wanted Mommy. I’m so proud of all of my siblings!!! They’re so accomplished and so well-rounded for persons their age. Migi was telling me a bit about his board of review, and Yena was telling me about school and stuff.

Talking to Trip is a great way to produce blog-worthy content. Our conversation centered mostly around his pet scorpion. I have seen a good number of statuses from his mother about said scorpion, and I really just needed to hear about the whole thing from Trip himself. It would seem that the scorpion was acquired for use in a science experiment, which tested the scorpion’s reactions to different lighting; it glows… green? when exposed to ultraviolet light, for example.

It occurred to me while attempting to explain square dancing to Trip that square dancing is simply pride-and-prejudice-ball-dancing sped up considerably. In both, you have partners, sides, and corners within a set of couples, and you interact with them in different ways while somebody calls the steps in time to the music. And the steps are all the same, just a little more formality at the ball and considerably more energy at the square dance. Lol.

Randomness led to Goodwill after phone convos, then back to the farm for lunch and another decent-lengthed email from Jason. He’s being mean and refusing to give the recipe for his mocha raspberry ale =)

Well, fishing tomorrow morning!!! That was my day off. Time to get some rest for the crazy long week ahead… Blissfest, yo!!


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