Michigan ~ Day 28

Yay for Mass on First Friday!! =D Today was also the feast day of St. Maria Goretti. Father recognizes my work clothes and comments when I bid him good morning. Lol.

I am EXHAUSTED. Today did not begin well, but it ended positively. I am far too tired to go into details. But Scott said I worked a solid shift, so yay. He isn’t going to be there for the next barn dance, so we interns will be running the show. Between Kelly, Pat, Kelly, and myself, I think we have it down, but Scott doesn’t want Kelly and Pat to have to work the next one; they worked this one and the last one as well, so his concern is that Kelly and I will be stuck with new people who don’t know what they’re doing. Chris was nice enough to pop in occasionally and observe so that he could have some idea of what will be going on next month. He also took a bunch of candid pics and suggested that we bail and watch Spider-man. Not cool. But we said we might talk tomorrow about going after work, and Kelly said she and Josie were talking hoping we’d be up to going to the Legs Inn again on Sunday night. I think I have Monday off, so I’m definitely up for that.


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