Michigan ~ Day 25

I slept in today, and surprisingly, I didn’t have to force it. I actually woke up just an hour and twenty minutes before I needed to be at work. I think it was because of the rain last night.

As I told Mother over the phone tonight, I walked outside and saw wet ground, and then a rounded rectangle of dry ground. It took me a minute to realize that KK’s car had been parked over it.

In spite of having woken up with a decent amount of time, taking a ten-minute shower, and having breakfast already made for me (leftovers from last night at Jill’s house), I was almost late to work… because I got lost in Brede and wasn’t watching the time. I literally made it to the kitchen two minutes before my shift started. A few minutes later, Scott announced that it was as if Christmas had just come in July; he had gone to look at the schedule because he’d completely forgotten that he’d scheduled me at all.

Overall, the shift went smoothly enough, and at some point, the cafe was ahead of the tasting room in sales, which was noteworthy. When I took a little lunch break, I sat outside and was almost immediately greeted by Cinci peeps who saw my chef’s jacket; they were telling me about their 1N12K experience from a couple years back, among other things =) Very nice people.

KK called a meeting with the interns in the tasting room shortly after 6 to officially welcome us all to the intern cabin and discuss a cleaning schedule.

I came back to the cabin and discovered that everyone had agreed to not do family dinner tonight after all, but I still made bread pudding which I’m told tasted great, and Chris and I finished our leftovers from last night. Kelly made a quinoa salad with cherry tomatoes; I have yet to try it.

Letters, letters =) I was sitting down after dinner and writing a few, when KK started singing Shout to the Lord, and I just had to stop writing and join in for a bit. We were actually all in one place for once… Tim and Kelly and Patrick and Kelly outside on the deck, Chris and Jake and KK and myself inside. It was nice to see everyone together.

Jason texted to ask how my summer is going. That was nice; I certainly wasn’t expecting it.

I talked to the family – mostly Mum – on the phone tonight. I didn’t make it online at all today. I was telling Mother that I didn’t really feel like celebrating tomorrow… I mean, I’ll celebrate the principles upon which America was founded, but I don’t feel at all like celebrating what America is today. There’s a parade which some of the interns are riding in and there’s talk of some sort of barbecue, but I’m thinking of having some me[-and-God{-and-hopefully-family-phone}]-time. Mass at 8, rosary at 9, a quick trip to deposit my paycheck… I’m bringing Brede, the phones, the laptop, my sketchbook, and letter-writing materials. I’m going to finish Brede for sure – I’m so close to being done!!! – catch up with the family, write at least two letters and send out at least four altogether, and then hopefully Petoskey will offer some nice quiet spot with a decent view of Lake Michigan so that I can get some sketching in. I think that sounds like a decent Fourth of July. Maybe I’ll cave and buy some sparklers and enjoy them by myself back at the cabin; I’m sure everyone else will get home late, anyway.


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