Michigan ~ Day 24

The number one good thing about last night was that sweat is good for you, and boy did I sweat a lot…

Jill, Josie, Chris, Kelly, and I left for Legs Inn at around 2000 and arrived at around 2030. We were told an hour for a table outside and 20 minutes for a table inside; we went with the latter which turned out to be more like ten. We had gone to the bar and been rather rudely ignored for a good amount of time, but our waitress was a polish exchange student, and we were ready and willing to be perfectly amiable in spite of the poor bartending. We ended up splitting three appetizers: the smoked whitefish spread, potato pancakes, and buffalo wings with bleu cheese sauce. Chris had eaten beforehand so that he wouldn’t have to worry about staying gluten-free, and he’d also had some vodka. Jill and Josie had had beers, and the agreement that I was going to be the DD.

We had two rounds at the table, and Ben joined us just as we were beginning our second round. For the first round, Chris had had a somewhat-difficult-to-pronounce polish-named martini, the other three ladies had had beers, and I’d had a raspberry mead. For our second round, Ben showed up sporting a beer, the other three ladies had beers again, Chris had a shot of apparently very good polish vodka, and I had a glass of white zin. We chatted it up until about 2130 and then headed out to the dance floor, and boy did we rock that place!! There were mostly older people, somewhere between Mum and Dad’s age and Mama and Papa’s age, and the music was older and incredibly tame. There had been a decent group when Chris and Jill and Josie had headed out onto the floor, but somehow they all disappeared, and it turned out that the five of us (Ben took some time to join us) were the only ones really dancing for at least half an hour. A couple people joined us, but it wasn’t until even after Jill and Josie and Kelly and I had had to go out in pairs for breaths of fresh air that the place really filled up.

Kelly and I came back in from our outside stint and found the other four doing whiskey shots. Chris wanted to get back out onto the dance floor, and so Josie and I went with him, but then Josie went back, and Chris and I shuffled around for a bit up front while waiting. We tried to go back and check on them, but the place was too packed. They did show up eventually sporting whiskey and water, and we danced our hearts out.

When we got out of there at around 2330, Jill and Chris were all for jumping in the lake, but they couldn’t get quite close enough to it. Ben and Jill had a race of sorts – Jill left Ben in the dust, it ought to be noted – and eventually we all piled into Josie’s car again, but with me at the wheel. Ben was supposed to follow us down M119, but we waited a good ten minutes and he was nowhere to be seen. So we left and figured he’d be fine, and I promised to get everyone home safely.

And I did =) It was a highly enjoyable drive, with the windows down, music blaring, the brights on, and nobody [awake] but us five for 20 miles of winding road. For a couple of tracks there – notedly Call Me Maybe – we were singing our hearts out and enjoying the fresh air like you wouldn’t believe.

Exactly 0000 found us all hugging and bidding each other goodnight, Jill and Josie driving off, Kelly heading downstairs, and Chris and I agreeing on a glass of our Tunnel Vision Hard Cider, the apple peach; I’d gotten my growler refilled after the wedding the night before. Chris and I ended up talking for another half hour out on the deck, enjoying the nearly full moon and doing some stargazing into the bargain. Good times.

Side note: I am highly amused that Chris is currently teaching Josie how to sew.

This morning, I walked into the tasting room, and Scott handed me $60 bucks right off the bat that I had apparently earned from the wedding.

Working with Chris behind the bar is officially dangerous. Aside from the fact that we’re awesome and handled a nearly $1600 day perfectly [and Chris called Jimmy and Benjamin to brag about it], Chris would start dancing at completely random times and I would either have to laugh or have to join in or both, even with guests sitting directly in front of us. Hey, we split tips evenly and made another $60+ each. I guess we were both entertaining and efficient. And of course, I met more persons from Cincinnati [and Cleveland] than I can count on one hand. Chris joked that we should bust it all on a hot date.

What we’ve actually ended up doing is bringing fish and sesame oil and coconut milk and vegetables and various cooking equipment over to Jill’s house, cooked dinner for us plus Jill and Josie and Kelsey, and started watching The Bourne Identity. “You have to be quiet, Ais; Bourne is on. Don’t give me that look, you understand. You know how it goes when Bourne is on.” And then he proceeded to talk. “Hey, Chris, you have to be quiet; Bourne is on.”

Chris wants to leave by 2300, which is in about 12 minutes. I don’t have work till 11 tomorrow, but I haven’t prayed my rosary, so that all works out. ‘Night, world…


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