Michigan ~ Day 19

This morning began with Mass and rosary at Holy Childhood of Jesus, followed by a 40-minute phone conversation with Mother over a Chai Latte at an internet cafe in downtown Harbor Springs. It was perfect; I’ve missed talking to Mum. It was highly refreshing. God is so good =D And hey, I still made it back to the farm and into the tasting room before Ben did. Lol.

Today was slow, smooth, non-eventful all around. I haven’t much to tell, to be honest. I worked very briefly in the vineyards again today, pruning/training vines, just for about 45 minutes, but I got a decent amount of sun.

I’m now in downtown Petoskey having dinner at Roast & Toast, drinking a “One-Eyed Thaiger,” which is two shots of espresso, thai iced coffee, sweetened condensed milk, and a splash of rum. I have already finished my dinner, a Grilled Chicken Gyro. Ben told me about this place and suggested that I check it out, so here I am. I paid for the parking meter up until 2200, so I think I’ll walk around, there are a couple shops I’d like to check out.

Peace =)


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