Michigan ~ Day 17

Yesterday’s dinner was delicious. Kelly and Kelly and Patrick made vegetable curry and rice. I know, right? Veggie curry. But all the veggies were from our farm and therefore as fresh as fresh can possibly be and absolutely delicious. We all ate outside on the deck, enjoying our view of endless green, Lake Michigan, and Charlie the stuffed dog… freaky Charlie the stuffed dog… drinking Vella Cab Sauv (yes, laugh away), our own hard cider, Sam Adams, and I think some were having beer that Kelly and Patrick had made. Did I mention that from when we were at Jill’s? They made a… it was either strawberry/rhubarb or raspberry/rhubarb ale. Great stuff.

We played two rounds of telepictionary, and I have taken pictures of every single set, because the whole game was too hilarious for words and well worth documenting. Laughter is always a great way of strengthening bonds. I love my farm family =)

The second floor of the cabin is gorgeous, and so cozy. The kitchen is small and comfortable, everybody pools food supplies and equipment; I’ve brought up everything to share as well. [Except, of course, for the really expensive salt, Mom!!!] We’ve got tons of bread from someplace that gives us their day-old bread for our pigs, and we end up grabbing the perfectly good loaves for ourselves. The interns are awesome at recycling; we’ve got labeled containers sitting around the common room of the second floor, and a bag for compost. We’ve even got shelves for everybody’s farm boots, and we all go barefoot on the hardwood floors. The bar stools are super comfy, as is the couch.

I slept well in my new room =) I did finish my rosary before I drifted off to sleep.

Everyone had left for morning meeting except for Jake by the time I went upstairs to take a shower in the morning. I left for Mackinaw at just a little before 10 and made it in time to take the 11:30 ferry to Mackinac Island. I got a little lost, but yay for having gotten a map from AAA in my first couple of days and having looked it over two days ago and knowing how to read it!! Oh and I passed a Cincinnatti road (yes, spelled with two t’s, don’t know why), and an Indiana Point, and I just thought it was funny. The drive on US 31 N was beautiful and very conducive to prayer.

So… I kind of do a double-take when somebody addresses me as “ma’am,” as opposed to, “miss” :/

Anyway, got a round-trip ticket for myself and my bike. It’s about a 20-minute ride from Mackinaw city to Mackinac Island, and you get a beautiful view of the bridge on the way.

There are no cars on Mackinac Island, only horses and bikes. Parked bikes line the roads, chained to nothing. I biked along, and started to feel a little apprehensive inside because I was passing lots of shops and no place to sit down and have my lunch, which I had brought with me. And then, I came upon St. Anne’s. I went in, and guess what a found on the wall by the door? A framed list of names, headed by, “Ang aming mga mahal na pamilya sa Pilipinas.” There were picnic tables outside between the Stations of the Cross and statues of St. Anne and Mama Mary. I sat down to have lunch with them. I had brought an assortment of things, but I began with a can of sardines in olive oil and four slices of bread from the intern cabin. I looked at Mama Mary and stopped. “Five loaves and two fish to feed five thousand, Mama?” It seemed a singularly fitting meal. It was a prayer in and of itself =) Here I was looking for a place to sit and rest and eat, and He gave me just what I needed at His house. I checked out the museum downstairs which documented the history of St. Anne’s Church, and spent a little time in the gift shop as well.

I biked around for two hours, drinking in the sunlight and the beauty. It was just one of those days, you know? where you constantly look up and say, “This day is from You; thank You.” The water and the sky were so blue!!!! There’s a robin’s-egg-blue, there should be a Mama-Mary’s-mantle-blue =) The souvenir I chose was a pair of earrings inlaid with paua shell that perfectly capture the blue of Lake Michigan.

A lady tapped me on the shoulder while I was in line for the ferry back to Mackinaw; I was wearing my P&G backpack from BYCTWD years ago, and she asked if I worked there. I told her that my daddy did, and it turned out that she’s also from Cinci. That made me laugh =)

The drive home seemed a little faster, maybe because I didn’t get lost even though I took a completely different way =) I stopped by the farm and picked up my checks, took a few minutes to locate a PNC bank (they have KFC, but no PNC and no Yuengling? So wrong…), and took off for downtown Petoskey. I discovered that I would like to take a day to explore downtown Petoskey, especially a little Celtic shop that had harps in the window…

When I came back to the farm, I discovered that the internet was down. Bother, bother, bother. I have, like, 90 pics to upload! I went into the fields and picked myself a ton of kale and one kohlrabi.

I came back to the cabin and found Jake cooking a spicy stew with rice and meat and peppers. Absolutely delicious stuff, but I think I ate too much; my tummy hurts a bit xD Lol. Good hurt, though. No regrets, it was too good. I ended up eating a whole kohlrabi which I sauteed in sesame oil, about half a cup of rice, two handfuls of wilted kale tossed in oyster sauce, and three [small!] servings of Jake’s stew.

Tim and I talked more today than we have in the whole two weeks that I’ve been here; he asked if I’d grown up going to church (he came in to dinner last night from church) and we had a good conversation about people hitting our age and going one direction or another depending on how they were raised to view church growing up. He said that he met a family at church that was surprised that someone in their 20’s was going to church on their own. That makes us both sad. Tim’s a cool guy =)

Gotta hand it to Chris for being disciplined; he went out for his run and then was doing his exercises on the porch of his personal cabin before finally coming in and making dinner for himself.

I read more of Brede while I was eating. It’s getting really hard to put down, but I really need sleep tonight!! I was already done with dinner when Chris came in, and when he sat down to eat, he turned on the TV. We ended up watching some Anthony Bourdain.

Chris said goodnight at around 2200, and it is now 2223 and I just got back to my room down here. KK just got back from playing volleyball; he’d invited me on his way out, but I’d just gotten back from Petoskey and was wrestling with nonexistent internet, so KK says I should come with him next week. I’m up for that =) I told him I’m no good at it and that Daddy didn’t pass on his volleyball-master gene, but he says I should still come just for the fun of it =D I’m excited.


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