Michigan ~ Day 16

The Lord hath called me from the womb… And he hath made my mouth like a sharp sword… and hath made me as a chosen arrow. In his quiver he hath hidden me. And he said to me: Thou art my servant Israel, for in thee will I glory. From today’s first reading, Isaiah 49: 1 – 6. In general, I don’t take issue with contemporary Christian music and I’m glad that it has its place, but sometime I am sad, because if there is one thing that it all fails to capture, it is the very richness of the language of Sacred Scripture, the kingliness about the Word… The Bible is a love letter, and it cannot be matched. Maybe it’s not the music itself that makes me sad; today, Father spoke of how our lives were to be as John the Baptist’s, always pointing to Jesus, that in our love and in our forgiveness, we should love and forgive with such intensity and completeness as to only be possible of one who loves and forgives with the power of Christ, and it is not that the music does not point to Christ, but maybe what makes me sad is those who stop with the music and never discover what inspires it, the language of His love letter to the world.

I wanted to share this meditation from the CatholicCalendar app, and it’s one of those that I feel the need to read slowly and internalize line by line:

John the Baptist is the only saint in the calendar (apart from St Joseph) who has two feasts to himself. One, in August, celebrates his death, and one, in June, celebrates his birth. And this is as it should be, for as Christ himself said, John was the greatest of the sons of men.

The greatest, but also the most tragic.

A prophet from before his birth, leaping in the womb to announce the coming of the incarnate God, his task was to proclaim the fulfilment of all prophecies – and thus his own obsolescence.

And he did it: with unequalled courage he spread the news that he, the greatest of all men, was the least in the kingdom of heaven. His disciples, and the devil, would have preferred him to fight, to build his sect, to defeat this upstart whom he himself had baptized, to seize his place in history.

But he did not – and so, rightly, he has his place, and he has glory in heaven.

We envy the great and the talented, and sometimes we think that they themselves are beyond envy.

But when they come across someone with greater gifts, as one day most of them will, they will see for the first time what it means to feel like us.

Let us pray that they, like John the Baptist, may pass that test.

I spent most of my morning in the cafe. Scott said I was brave and that interns usually didn’t show up in the cafe until 6 for fear of being put to work. I’m not worried. He knows I put my hours in, he said so =) And he’s the only one who schedules me for doubles and when he gives me a list to do and leaves, I stay until it’s done. Haha. So no, I am totally not worried about sitting in the cafe.

When the sky cleared up, I drove into Harbor Springs and walked around for an hour. American Spoon was open!!! even though on their site, it said they closed at 1600 on Sundays, and this was about 1630. I got back to the farm at about 1730 and I’ve been up here at the top of vineyards for the past hour and a half with God and my guitar. Ok, and the laptop, but there’s no internet up here; I was using it to record stuff. Audrey Assad’s The Way You Move is playing… Oh, and all my pride, You know it doesn’t stand a chance against the way You move, You’re tearing up my roots and You’re breaking down my walls, oh and I don’t stand a chance at all against the way You move, oh and I don’t stand, I don’t stand a chance… With some people, that’s really all you can do; pray that they don’t stand a chance against the way He moves =) Oh, the terrible things use our free will to hold to! So further up and further in, we have nowhere else to go…

I guess I should get back to the cabin; Kelly and Patrick said they were cooking for everyone, and I don’t want to miss the food! Off day again tomorrow… The weather will dictate where I head off to, or not.


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