Michigan ~ Day 15

DAY OFF. And would you believe, I actually got up at 4 to go fishing… We didn’t catch anything, but I got to nap on the boat, it was incredibly calm on the water and the sun was shining but it wasn’t too hot. Jill and Chris said they were coming, but they weren’t there… Ditched us, so it was just me and Jimmy. He had me practice driving, both at around 2mph, and around 38mph. The boat is so temperamental, I’m not too fond of it, but he wanted me to practice, and he said I was getting really good at it. Jared said that cooking is a constant adjustment, but geeze! Try keeping a boat straight at 2mph!!! I prefer cooking :D

On our way home, I mentioned that I planned on going to confession, and Jimmy asked, “Oh… Do you always have something to confess?” We ended up having a good conversation about formation of conscience, the ability of humans to make the invisible visible, Marc Barnes’ post on sin becoming boring.

I spent my morning moving into the intern cabin. I posted pictures of my room on facebook while I was on my lunch break in the cafe and worked on my video blog.

Confession was awesome. I haven’t the vocabulary to expand, but I hope to post an original song sometime this summer…

I took a nap after working on my song, and then Jill and Emily and I went to watch Brave. Not a family movie, I think, a little crude in places, but it was a fun movie, and I like that both the daughter and the mother learned something from each other, and that it wasn’t one-sided.

I’m currently at Jill’s house, I’ll be sleeping here tonight. I was video chatting with the family in both Cinci and St. Louis, but couldn’t get google hangout to work so that we could all see each other, but now we’ve scrapped the video chat, and we’re all voice chatting over skype together, me and Mama and Mom and Ninong and Tita Reena =D

God is so good!


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