Michigan ~ Day 12

A few things to begin which I have been forgetting to blog…

The day that we had the barbecue at Sharon’s, KK and I briefly spoke of the indissolubility of marriage. That made my day. Sometime in that same week, Ben mentioned proudly that his girlfriend was a “complete angel” who never ever swore. It’s nice to be working with men that value those things.

I was talking to Jill yesterday while at her house… She was talking about how she’d been brought up Catholic, but how Mass had just become a chore for her. I’ve invited her to come to Mass with me on Sundays and I hope we can get around to talking more often about these things… Prayers would be appreciated!

Today was a fairly slow day in the tasting room, and it was all mine. I did make 25 bucks in tips, so ok. Sure. But it was so slow, I managed to stamp all the paper bags… Two ladies were talking about the French lady who used to be in the tasting room – I’ve heard a good deal about her – and they said that they were apprehensive about her not being around, but that I’d outdone her with my knowledge and presentation. I don’t buy a word of it =) but it’s certainly nice of them to say so.

Steffy made my day today!!! I was taking two ladies through a tasting, and out of the corner of my eye, I noticed that Sharon had dropped a box off at the corner of the bar. When I finally got around to checking it out, it was from Steffy!! and she sent me a bunch of cozy and comfortable things; a pillow, a coffee mug, clorox wipes, a first aid kit, hello kitty band-aids, toothpaste, and a journal. Steffy is truly one of the most thoughtful and selfless persons on this earth.

We had a summer solstice barbecue at Sharon’s today. Salad, rhubarb chutney, spicy peanut sauce (not for me), rice, and kebobs with onions, tomatoes, cheese, venison, chicken, bell peppers, and kohlrabi. We did a blind tasting of five reds which turned out to be Franzia, our Regatta Red which is a Merlot, a $28 bottle of Pinot Noir which none of us liked at all and which was the most expensive bottle, and two generic table reds from MI. Guess my senses are getting better, because I wrote down what varietals I thought the bottles were, and of course I never confirmed the table reds, but at least I knew our Merlot, and the only time I’ve had it was when Ben took me through our tasting on the first day.

Chris and I did not finish Bourne Ultimatum tonight and he slipped off without saying goodbye to anyone. Jill, for some reason, didn’t join us, and Scott ran off saying he was late for something, but it was a nice cozy gathering. Half-napping in the sun, munching on grapes and strawberries and tortilla chips, drinking hard cider… good times.

Scott wants me for a thirteen-hour shift tomorrow to prep for the barn dance. I’m hyped to do prep for stuff other than our usual lunch menu, but I still object to having to do lunch service and then prep…


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