Michigan ~ Day 11

I finally got to work out in the vineyards today, marking heights for the hooks for trellising wire. And I saw lots of baby grapes!!! :D

Ben and Scott were both off today, and Ben wrote me a four-page letter with things to do during downtime, etc. LOL.

There really isn’t that much to tell about today. I ran the tasting room, Kelly ran the kitchen, Lexy and Emily were serving, Chris was to be our backup. It was really slow in the morning and it was storming like crazy, but Karen was my first customer and started my day of nicely. I stamped bags and carriers, put stickers on six cases of growlers, and had a nice little break with Jill, Chris, Ollie, Lexy, and Emily. I was researching wine competitions when a couple came in… Chris came in in the middle of the tasting to check on me, I gave him a thumbs up, he walked back out, and suddenly I got slammed. He came in time to clean 30+ glasses that I hadn’t had a chance to clean up because of how crazily the slamming came about.

Chris and I rode with Kelly to Jill’s house. We’d been discussing what we were going to bring; Chris said he’d take care of rice and whiskey, and I was to bring garlic, sesame oil, coconut milk, knives, cast iron, and my growler. On our way out, we stopped to pick kale and kohlrabi, and ended up bringing the last of the salmon from the freezer and the last two pieces of steelhead. We make quite a team when it comes to cooking. When we got to Jill’s, we immediately got down to business; Chris made rice, Kelly chopped garlic, the two of them chopped kale (we harvested a LOT of kale), I broiled fish and cooked the veg. We sauteed the garlic in sesame oil, wilted the kale, added coconut milk (my idea), cooked it down, and garnished it with fresh diced kohlrabi (Chris’ idea). This was truly the best meal yet since I got here.

The whole team was over at Jill’s… Kelly, Chris, myself, Pat, other Kelly, Tim, Jimmy, Marci, Emma and JJ, Sharon… even Emily and her friend stopped in. We worked on a puzzle, and then after the Spencers left, Chris and I headed downstairs to watch Bourne Ultimatum. We didn’t finish, so we’re going to finish tomorrow after work and before the summer solstice barbecue. I’m alone in the winery again. ‘Night!!


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