Michigan ~ Day 9

My alarm went off for 9am Mass, but I was more exhausted than I thought I was when I went to sleep last night. Guess I was running on adrenaline from hanging out. We’re all still getting to know each other, but there’s a very comfortable family feeling now when we see each other in the morning, waving from opposite ends of a field, patting each other on the back in greeting or in passing throughout the day… Anyway, I ended up going to the 11 am Mass instead. One of the intentions was, “For the needs… of our enemies.” I froze. It’s a beautiful intention and it’s beautiful that they actually say it in Mass for the entire congregation to be reminded of our call to be charitable and pray for our enemies, but it still strikes a body to hear it out loud in that manner and setting. Then we sang How Can I Keep From Singing, and I did my best to wrap my heart around those lines… “no storm can shake my inmost calm… if Love is Lord of heaven and earth / how can I keep from singing?”

~ mGbp ~

I’ve been tracking expenses and the only thing I’ve paid for since I got here, that I haven’t made up for in tips in the tasting room, is gas. I haven’t seen gas here that’s lower than $3.84, but BOOM. And I’ve only driven as much in this past week as I usually do in one day to and from school/work. It is super, not having to factor in driving time… shower and breakfast in the morning and half a minute of walking to the store for morning meeting and we’re good =)

They scheduled me for a half-day today in the tasting room to give me time for Mass, so I didn’t go in until 2pm. We seemed a little off today for a bit… Ben and I were fumbling with glasses at the sink, I was tripping over the foam floor mats… I dunno. Total volume-wise, we weren’t that much busier than we would normally expect to be on a Sunday, but people came in all at once and the bar was full with each wave, as opposed to being spaced out.

The highlight of my day was meeting a couple from Hamilton, OH. That was a laugh. They didn’t mention that they were from Cinci until they were paying, and my ears perked up and I was like, WAIT! and we ended up chatting for a good 15 minutes about everything home-related; they’ve been in Hamilton for 30+ years. What a small world.

At about 1700, Ben asked, “Did you want to order something for lunch?” “Ben. It’s FIVE PM.” “What?? No… Is it really??” We’d just gotten past a wave, so I ended up going into the kitchen to cook… linner? for the two of us. Scott came in and basically said that he was just glad that I was the one cooking and not him, because he was trying to get out. That made me laugh.

Honestly, it was a nice break to be back in the tasting room, but I had to smile when Ben shared what I consider to be the highest work-related compliment I’ve received: I was telling Ben about me joking to Scott that I was going back to the tasting room, and Ben said that Scott really appreciated that I could handle myself in the kitchen and that he didn’t have to spend as much time training me as he usually had to spend on other interns, which freed him up to get more done when I was on the line. Scott did tell me – half-jokingly, but also half-seriously – that he wants me to leave the tasting room because he wants me in the kitchen. He bid me goodbye today with, “I’ll see you tomorrow,” coupled with something like a shadow of an evil grin on his face. Good times.

Oh GEEZE. Scott said to nuke something yesterday, and I stared at him. “What??” “Nuke. You don’t know what that means. You’re kidding, right?” I protested profusely. Maybe if I had a microwave at home I’d hear it more often, but c’mon. I vaguely remember Jared using the same verb and giving me the exact same look and being a lot less good-humored and considerably more impatient about it…

At about 1730, after I’d made Ben his linner, I set about researching wine competitions for us to enter. That got us talking about which wines I thought would actually have a chance of winning and why, food and wine pairings, RS levels, AVAs… I ended up sticking around till a good hour or so past my technical shift endtime, but it’s all good. I restrung my guitar the other day – Scott got me a pair of something I could use as wire cutters out of the Command Center and showed me a couple things like the infamous goat’s head to make me flinch/roll my eyes/groan in disgust – and I got to do some recording after work today. Hopefully a cover video coming up soon, preferably before the day Scott’s got me on the schedule from 9am to 10pm because he wants me to help him prep for Friday’s barn dance.

I’m so insanely hyped for that barn dance… I’m working the tasting room beforehand, and then I guess I’ll be free to enjoy myself and dance the night away with no worries; I’ve got the following two days off. This week’s going to be AWESOME.



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