Michigan ~ Day 8

We ladies ran the cafe today!!! :D :D Good times. Kelly and I were the whole of the BoH, Lexy and Emily were the whole of the FoH. It was a fairly slow day, not even half the volume of service as yesterday. We got a lot prepped for tomorrow and Scott let us go a little early. Guess we rocked the line, because Emily said, “Wow, you guys are speedy today.” Whee =) The best part of today was getting to go up into the attic of the barn and spending roughly 30 minutes up there organizing catering/banquent stuff. It’s just so cool being up there and staring down at the cafe. Jimmy put the ladder up so that people could pass through the hallway, and he joked that I’d have to jump down. Wishing I was trained in parkour…

I have come to the conclusion that Scott likes to pick on me because he has recognized that I take it in a different way than Kelly does. We dig at each other all the time. I give as good as I can appropriately manage for what I get =) We get along really well. He warns me when he’s about to pick a fight just for the sake of picking a fight, then apologizes hours later and goes out of his way to make sure that I’m not offended and knows he’s just kidding. Scott’s great. And silly. Shortly after he’d picked one of his random ‘fights,’ I told him I was leaving him and going back to the tasting room with Ben. “Ohhh that was a low blow, Ais. Really.”

Jill and Kelly and Chris and I sat down for some hard cider after work, took some pics, talked about our wine and wine in general… The barn was rented out for a memorial for Margaret Stanton. Jimmy told us some stories about her and why she’s so well known in the area and stuff… The big one is that she rode to Texas on a horse when she was sixteen and was gone for four years. They printed her journal of her journeys for everyone to check out at the memorial tonight; I got to look at it, she recorded how many miles she rode per day and the challenges she encountered. We were all invited to the memorial, so we stuck around, refilled our growlers, etc.

Jill left to meet her mom and sister, and Chris and Kelly and I headed back to Sharon’s. After some talk, Chris and I decided to make dinner together for the three of us. We fried the steelhead I caught yesterday in sesame oil, and finished it in the oven. I made coconut rice and chopped garlic while Chris went to pick kale and swiss chard, which he sauteed in sesame oil as well. We enjoyed our dinner outside on Sharon’s deck. Kelly’s such a sweet girl, but she’s very quiet most of the time, so I learned more about Chris tonight than about Kelly. He’s lived in several states and some years in Africa. Pretty cool guy all around. Quotes of the day are both from him: “My hair is so talkative,” and,” I should get a Reasonable Man of the Year award.”

Tim brought his parents around while we were having dinner. It was nice to meet them; they’re here until Tuesday, and Jimmy’s taking them out fishing on Monday.

I know this is an incredibly short post, but truly, the cafe eats up my day, and I don’t know what I could possibly say about it that I haven’t already said about other days in other kitchens. I’m still my normal crazy hyper self, jumping up and down on the line while orders are being rung in… Scott finds that incredibly funny because he does the exact same thing when he’s anxious for the next course to go out.

Anyway, Mass tomorrow, and probably moving into the cabin or something. Depends on the weather…


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