Michigan ~ Day 6

It was my first day in the cafe today. Gosh, but it’s good to be back in the kitchen. It’s all fairly simple stuff; I worked the line today, and it felt fairly slow, although sales declared it to be the second-busiest day of the season so far. What I’m adjusting to is the volume of prep, not because we need so much on a daily basis, but because we have to keep up with the harvest, make humongous batches of stuff, and freeze it. The bulk of my prep today was peeling 7lbs of carrots, stripping a tubful of kale, and chopping a tubful of cilantro. When I say tubs, I mean ones big enough for me to curl up and take a nap in. Seriously, we have enough cilantro almond pesto to supply my family for a lifetime.

There really isn’t that much to say about today. I like working with Scott. He makes me miss Jared a lot because he looks a tiny bit like Jared, shorter, but he’s a really nice person… a little absentminded, but working with him is certainly enjoyable. He keeps on saying it’s hot in the kitchen, and I’m just grinning inside, because it’s not even 80 degrees with the doors open all the time and the fans in the dining area and the tasting room keeping the whole place pretty cool. I was perfectly comfortable, so I kept my mouth shut =)

I did cringe a bit just a couple hours ago… We had a barbecue here at Sharon’s, and the kids were running around. They are a bit on the majorly energetic side… even more than Nino… but I resented more than slightly that the majority of the group looked on this negatively, leading to the following exchange: “If there’s one thing I’m learning here, it’s birth control.” “Guess this is why there’s only two of them, huh?” “Well, it’s not for everybody. I just can’t get over people who don’t approve of it.” *sigh* Prayers, please. It truly wasn’t the time to get into a debate with anyone, but my brain didn’t work fast enough… I sort of just curled up inside of myself. I wish I’d at least had the sense to say something… innocently disarming? Like, oh, I don’t know, “Yeah, natural birth control is so insanely cool, why would anybody in their right mind object to it?” Well, at least I’ll be ready if it ever comes up again, because I’ll be expecting it.

So, yeah, curled up inside of myself until KK came and sat next to me and talked to me about Ghana and stuff. He has four sisters, three of them married, giving him two nieces and a nephew, and they’re all in Ghana. He goes back to see them every year or so.

Being back in the kitchen… I thought I was glad to get here and to get started and to be doing something incredibly cool and productive this summer, but when I got changed for the kitchen this morning and got behind the line, I felt something I was definitely not expecting: relief. Near the end of the day, Scott was semi-apologizing for the lack of actual learning – I definitely know how to peel carrots and chop cilantro – and I couldn’t seem to properly articulate to him how glad I was to just be in the kitchen. But now… I’m a little anxious about this fall. Will I be restless? I definitely am not planning to be working in between semesters; we’re planning to be at Unc’s for Christmas and then Portugal next year. But during? I’m having a hard time comfortably imagining not being in a kitchen. I guess I’m just really hoping that Marv’s HomeLIFE stuff will keep me from missing the restaurant scene too much.

Well, it’s time for me to get some sleep… Yes, going fishing again at 5:30. Should be a good time.


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