Michigan ~ Day 4

Sharon’s upstairs watching Star Trek: The Voyage Home, and I joined her for a bit, but I’m yawning like crazy. I’m sleepier than usual today, and I think it’s because it’s colder. After the rain last night, the temperature dropped something like 20 degrees. I was shivering outside when I left the tasting room and headed back to the house.

Breakfast was some very hearty whole grain bread with pumpkin butter. Kelly was to be alone in the kitchen and I was to be alone in the tasting room according to the schedule, so we decided to head in to work an hour earlier than usual and start setting up just to be on the safe side. We found out at morning meeting that Patrick would be running back and forth to help both of us, which turned out to be a very good thing, because today was a little on the busier side.

It took a little while for things to get busy, though, and so I was in the kitchen julienning carrots. Ugh xP but I suppose it was good for me.

Ben had gone fishing with Jimmy this morning, and he was in the kitchen gutting his salmon, but he was anxious to enjoy his day off and left pretty soon afterwards. I met lots of fun people today, but the highlight of my day was taking a couple from Columbus through the tasting. They’re Catholic, the gentleman and his brother were both Eagle Scouts. We talked about wine and homeschooling and scouting and the Faith and vocations… mostly about vocations. Mum and Dad would have loved them.

Patrick and I got a lot done today… stickers on growlers, poster tubes labeled and stuffed, paper bags stamped, bar area cleaned and reorganized, wine behind the bar restocked, glassware polished… Good day.

More salmon for dinner =) Boy does all this fresh fish make me happy. I have not eating anything that I am allergic to since I got here. Pretty proud of myself.


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