Michigan ~ Day 3


Yesterday, after I left the cafe, I was getting the cutting board and the sesame oil out of the car for my dinner, when Chris came towards the house from the cafe. We ended up chatting for maybe 15 minutes? Turned out he was doing laundry down in Sharon’s basement. We talked about college and food allergies (gluten intolerance on his end) and what we loved best about our summer so far… stuff. Nice stuff. He’s a really nice person, easy to talk to, very enthusiastic… And of course he asked if I was going fishing the next morning, and so I figured I might as well since he seemed like a cool person to hang out with.

And thus, I set my alarm for 0330ish this morning. I didn’t actually make myself get out of bed until 0345. Today was a good day to figure out how to get hot water in the shower… yesterday’s shower was cold, because I didn’t realize the handle also turns the other way. Duh…

Hot shower and another rice-and-sardines breakfast. I needed it.


5am found me outside. Sharon called from her room that she’d heard Jimmy pull in, so I cleaned up, grabbed my DTS hoodie from the car and ran down the hill. Chris pulled in a couple minutes later and went to grab shorts he’d left in the dryer. It was so much warmer than I thought it would be at that time of morning.

The boat had been left out in the water overnight and was extremely buggy. We jumped in and Chris told me I’d probably want to hold on to something as soon as we got going, but I did just fine bracing myself with my feet =) The hoodie was a good choice. It wasn’t cold, but definitely a little chillier; not a lot of wind, though, so that was good. There’s something so surreal about staring at just the water.

I had a really good time getting to know Jimmy and Chris better, learning about their backgrounds and families and plans and such. As I’m typing all this up, I can’t help feeling like I’m totally downplaying just how awesome the entire experience was. I don’t have the vocabulary to articulate the thrill of being out on the water, watching the sun rise, taking turns driving along the coast and watching 10 lines. Chris and I both caught a fish, his was about 12 pounds and mine was barely two… lol. But hey! Jimmy filleted them as soon as we got back and I had one side of mine for dinner =)

We had a meeting at 9 and managed to get a group picture of all the interns. I’ll get a copy of that from Sharon and post it sometime. I tried to catch up on a bit of sleep afterwards, but that didn’t really happen… ate some dried mango and headed to the tasting room. Ben already had it opened up even though it wasn’t even 1030 because a couple had walked in. He focused on paperwork today and pretty much left me to my own devices, so I got to keep all my tips =) It was a pretty slow day all around, although pretty much everyone that bought any wine bought multiple bottles… One lady bought five, so it was ok. I spent my downtime reorganizing, re-polishing all the glassware, and reading In This House of Brede.

The only conversation today which I deem truly worth noting was one of our regulars, Karen, finding out I was homeschooling, telling me I was incredibly sociable and personable and very agreeable and hypothesizing that this was due to my having been unsocialized while being homeschooled and therefore being anxious to suddenly become sociable now that I was out of that environment, or something like that. I totally did not follow that logic, but I put forth my view, which this blog has seen multiple times, about how homeschoolers actually have a better handle on post-school reality because they interact with people of all ages on a more regular basis. She actually said, “Huh. I never thought about it that way,” and was quiet for a bit. I do genuinely like Karen =)

I can’t remember how we got there, but Ben and I were chit-chatting for a bit about Catholicism again, and since he’s the finding-God-in-nature[-rather-than-at-Mass], I suggested that he might enjoy one of Bad Catholic’s more recent posts on a topic which he did speak of at length at Theology on Tap.

So there was my day, I made it back to my room at about 7. KK was shooting squirrels and I guess he’s smoking them now, apparently the guys are getting together tonight to watch soccer while enjoying smoked squirrel and beer.

Tomorrow, I’m in the tasting room by myself. Marci mentioned that I’m welcome to wear a nice skirt or something as I please. Needless to say, I’m pretty happy. And Mother will be happy to know that when planning the schedule for the rest of the month and taking input on preferred off-days, Jimmy said any needs to go to church would take priority, so I am guaranteed my Mass times =) Win.

Now, what skirt to wear tomorrow? Hmm….


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