Michigan ~ Day 2


My current facebook status reads “It’s amazing how quickly water boils when you’re only making rice for one person…”

It’s already warm outside, and the fresh air is indescribable. I look around and everywhere, I see things I wish I could share with the people I love best.

It’s a little strange… All of a sudden, I feel like I’m back in high school.


Well, I’ve helped feed the animals and move stuff around in and out of the greenhouses. I’ve currently got a bit of a break to change into training for the tasting room. I’ve met all the animals… the sheep, the pigs, the geese, the ducks… Ah, I haven’t met the cows, though; they were already out grazing.


I’m blogging now because I know that once I make myself dinner, I’m going to go straight to sleep  We’re heading out at 5am tomorrow morning to go fishing, and I’m extremely tempted to leave this blog post until tomorrow, but I highly doubt that I’ll be any less exhausted and more inclined to blog.


I had a can of sardines and almost two cups of rice for breakfast, which was a wise choice, because it turned out that I’d need it. I worked for an hour outside with Kelly and Patrick, and then I reported to the tasting room at roughly 1030. I got out of the tasting room at about 1830. It was a fairly slow day, I’m glad that I’m so used to being on my feet or this would be terrible =) I’m not sure that I like being behind the bar as much as I like being behind the line, but this is certainly simpler. Basically I’ve been told that I’ll be working mostly for Ben in the tasting room and Scott in the kitchen. Ben ran me through opening and closing today, had me taste everything, and then the rest of the day was more or less straight up service.

The wine… I’m not fond of the Pinot Gris. It’s not offensive, but I don’t care for it. The Chardonnay is unoaked and therefore much more fruit-forward. I’m usually not a big fan of Chardonnay, but this was like drinking all the things I actually like about Sauv Blanc, which means very floral and not a single trace of the cat urine which it seems that I can detect from a ridiculous distance. We currently have two Rieslings, the 2011 is dry and the 2010 is off-dry. I’ve heard that Michigan is becoming known for its Rieslings. I liked both well enough… maybe not enough to choose them over certain other Rieslings that I’ve had, but you know, personal preference type thing. Their current Regatta Red is actually made from Merlot grapes from CA. Didn’t care for that one… but the Cherry Wine absolutely blew me away. It pairs incredibly with chocolate. Their have a hard apple cider and a hard apple/cherry cider, both which were simple, crisp, not too sweet… went down like water.

In the next couple of weeks, we’re to introduce a sumac wine, a peach mead, and bring back the Cherry Finale which is already on the menu.

I’m fairly comfortable now with the bar setup, and I got an ok amount of practice taking people through a tasting while keeping up the conversation. People here are so incredibly casual and so trusting. I’ve only come across three doors which actually are locked at some point… everything else stays open, even people’s cars. No spit buckets in this tasting room… apparently people don’t do that here =) There is this adorable 13? 14?-year old dog which just goes where it pleases, I haven’t heard him bark once or seen him do anything startling on any level. He just pads around quietly, in and out of buildings, follows the tractor and the hay rides…

Oh, hey, my shirt for the tasting room is made in the Pinas =) That made me smile.

I met some people who pass through Cinci fairly often, and we were talking about the restaurant scene back home. That was fun. I think they were from Louisville or something. But the highlight of my day was the lady half of the last couple which came in at sometime before 1700 and left right around 1800. Hardcore Irish Catholic, man!!!! Apparently she had been a nun for 6 years, I guess she discerned out of final vows and got married instead. Ben is Catholic, too, and he was talking to her a bit about his girlfriend, and she asked if they were planning to get married (yes) and told him that they should have as many kids as God gave them, to use NFP and not use contraception because she did once upon a time and boy did she regret it. She and her husband are currently in Chicago, apparently their parish is dominated by large homeschooling families, and she shared stories of one family with 17 kids. We spoke briefly about the HHS mandate and then she really did have to go… and it was time for us to close the tasting room.

Since Ben had claimed to the lady to be Catholic, I asked where he goes to Mass, to which his hesitant reply was that he works Sundays… we had a good conversation, though, because he was curious to know what the HHS mandate was about and stuff. We ended up discussing the Mass and the Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist, among other things. I daresay it was a pretty good day all around.

OH! Lunch! I had the grilled veggie wrap – subbed sourdough bread, though – which consisted of grilled asparagus, onions, bell peppers, zucchini, fresh greens, garlic herb goat cheese, and dilly beans. As my side, I chose the shaved asparagus salad with a tarragon and lemon mustard dressing. The sandwich was delicious, I loved it. I did finish the salad, but I couldn’t help imagining to myself what Jared might have to say about it… there was a perfectly acceptable and tasteful amount of dressing, I haven’t anything negative to say about the flavor, but the texture was… Hm =) From what I understood, they were the leftover ends of asparagus, and the asparagus was on the fatter side. Well, they hadn’t been peeled, and I think they’d just been pulsed in the robocoupe, so they were rather fibrous, and the fact that they weren’t peeled made them a little… sharp-feeling? on the tongue… Haha, I’m not sure how else to describe it. Uhm… I also had an arnold palmer and a delicious strawberry basil lemonade. I’m told that there’s currently 200# of bok choy that we’re going to need to find something to do with. I’d go and get some for my dinner, but I have no idea where they are, and my feet hurt more than usual… I was wearing my boots from having worked outside, as opposed to my danskos, and that was not at all wise. So yeah, locating bok choy is going to be one of my priorities tomorrow, because I’m dying to saute up a ton of it…

So there was my day 2… I’m currently in the cafe area enjoying the fresh cool air that’s wafting in. Ben and one of the other interns, Chris, are here. I was able to chat with Mom and Nino! That makes me super happy.. but now I am getting super super hungry, so I’m going to go take care of my dinner.

‘Night =)


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