I Have A Say

You females talk about equal rights, but it’s not what you actually want.

Men are ordained the role of pastors, providers, and protectors. Equal rights? You aren’t wanting those responsibilities. You’re wanting to be freed of responsibility, of accountability for your actions, of “consequences.”

Why aren’t men after “equal rights for men”?

And you say – but they’re already shirking their duty. They aren’t being pastors, providers, or protectors. They aren’t taking those responsibilities, they’re not being accountable, they don’t have consequences.

And you’re surprised?

Boys will be boys, you say. But I say – men will be men, when women hold them to the right standards. And girls will be girls, but women will be women when men hold them to the right standards.

But look – here you are, advocating contraception and abortion. What are you advertising yourself as by freeing yourself of responsibility? If there are no consequences for you, what consequences are there for him?

Congratulations – you’ve just advertised yourself as a toy. And if you are making yourself accessible to him as a toy, you are letting him be a boy. And if you’re letting him – essentially giving him permission – to be a boy, what incentive does he have to try and be more? What incentive does he have to expect more of you? What incentive does he have to respect you as a woman when you have clearly shown him that you do not expect him to be a man?

Pregnancy is not a punishment, and by your very nature the denial of life should give you pain. These are your strengths! These are what give you value! He should value your ability to give to the world another Mozart, another Einstein, another Mother Teresa, another voice who has a right to be heard.

I refuse to be turned into a toy. I refuse to be accessible for use without consequences. Without thought to not only my physical health, but my mental and emotional health as well.

I choose to be a woman. A woman with a heart that can be broken. A woman with a heart waiting for the man who will cherish that heart and all that comes with it. A woman with the ability to bring into being through her heart another life, another soul, another voice, another being for whom you do not speak, and who I will never allow you to silence.

I choose to be a woman, and I have a say.


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