Beverage Boosts

An overview of beverage sales, focusing respectively on wine, coffee, energy drinks, sports drinks, and soda. Since we’ve been talking about the need to be able to write impartially, specifically for our senior projects, one of my first thoughts was what a great example this article is of just that. It’s basically reporting a bunch of numbers, but includes enough unbiased quotes and notes that keep the piece from very quickly losing the reader’s attention. Notes that caught my eye included:

  • vegan wine, which is produced without the use of animal byproducts which are commonly used in the filtration process
  • the incredibly don’t-we-know-it true statement about consumers having integrated coffee purchases into their daily routines
  • certain teas using the detoxifying effect of their polyphenols as a selling point to combat visible aging, which I believe we did touch on in class last quarter
  • energy drinks finding a market in the “over-60, retired crowd” (really???)
  • sports drinks being overrated (that made me laugh) and their main competition being (take a wild guess…) water!

Pray note that the article repeats itself for some reason.


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