… today’s meds…

Mary Vitamin, Why is the Church Afraid of Modesty?, Works of Mercy Challenge

… studying…

modified starches – characteristics, versatility, functionality, demands, application, objectives, reactions in chemical modification, methods of  chemical starch modification, methods of physical starch modification
Australia and New Zealand

… to drink…

Midas Touch ~ Handcrafted Ancient Ale ~ with barley, honey, white muscat grapes, and saffron
brown ale, courtesy of Svetlana’s husband

… today’s playlist…

Closer to Love – Mat Kearney
Find Your Way – Ryan Cabrera
My World – Avril Lavigne
Codes and Keys – Death Cab for Cutie
If I Wrote A Letter To Myself – Nikki Malvar
Storms in Africa II – Enya
While We Wait – Jack Johnson
Wow – Snow Patrol
Can You Feel the Love Tonight – Elton John
Chicago – Sufjan Stevens
The Wrong Girl – Missy Higgins
Amoeba – Static Vessels
Kissing a Fool – Michael Buble
The Finish Line – Snow Patrol
The Horses – Kenny Loggins
I Believe – Third Day
Magbalik Ka Na Mahal – Kuh Ledesma

… today’s setlist…

Mighty to Save

… notes…

So it would seem that we won’t be participating in 1 Night 12 Kitchens this year. It upsets me slightly, but it’s one less thing on my plate.

A few months ago, Rob randomly made all of us some sort of camp dessert, one of those little kits where the dry ingredients are pre-measured and you use the provided bag to measure liquids. Basically, it was a chocolate pudding with graham cracker crumbs and mini marshmallows, it was like some rustic attempt at a deconstruction of s’mores. I took a picture of it. So there’s the back story; basically, I made the connection during lecture today when we were learning about physically modified starches, specifically pre-gels. Boom. Instant chocolate pudding.

As we’ve mentioned Rob, we might as well go on with other Rob-related things, like his costie hours in Receiving this past Monday. I suppose it was all for the best that I completely forgot that he would be in, because otherwise I would’ve been sorely, sorely tempted to go to MCI. I was sorry to hear that he wasn’t in any position to learn anything from Matt, but at least he got paired up with Billy for a bit.

Some things just aren’t meant to be figured out, I suppose, like if one can call Rob a friend or not. His conversation is exceptionally enjoyable when it isn’t fraught with sarcasm. And it’s no use attempting to disarm him by being particularly agreeable; sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn’t. Today, as I was walking to my car after work after day 128, in spite of a decent number of pedestrians and other cars, Rob did not hesitate to secure my attention with a prolonged series of very obnoxious honks delivered while driving by. The kid never had any sisters to annoy growing up and I wouldn’t put it past him to be making up for that now, but it was hardly annoying… the absurdity of it – compounded with beer in class before lunch, absolutely gorgeous blue skies, a short shift, and a million other little things which I praise God for the grace to have marked and thanked Him for – was highly appreciated and responded to with as much enthusiasm as I could manage. But there – is Rob a friend?

Its those little things that I’ll miss most, like the hands that constantly appear to save my skin from my apparently very noticeable attempts to return many different things to their homes in high places without the aid of a milk crate. And the very subtle facial expressions that they probably think nobody catches.

I will not miss the not-being-understood part of certain conversations, like when I say, “Thank you!” and they ask, “For what?” and I reply something like, “For… the laughs…” and nobody gets it and I get looks like I’m crazy. Which, I am, but Marv said, “Thanks for all the laughs,” when he was saying goodbye to me tonight and I didn’t look at him funny, because I know exactly what he meant. See? I’m not the only one in this world who thinks laughs are worth thanking people for. Geeze. We did do a notable amount of laughing at the Works of Mercy Challenge meeting tonight. mGbp. It was just one thing after another, and all of us building up off of each other.

I did not tell them about the conclusion I have come to that Sam Ash is the place to go during Lent to practice biting one’s tongue. Ooooo! I firmly believe that Sam Ash makes a point of hiring the most pretentious young men in Cincinnati. I went to check out, and before actually ringing up the case, the guy asked me, “Do you have a classical guitar?” “Yes, I do.” I replied as calmly as I could. “Oh. Ok. Well, see? You didn’t do too badly.” Look, man, there’s customer service, and then there’s very wrongly operating on the assumption that no one who walks into your place of employment knows zip about anything you sell. Just because I purchased a capo for a 12-string in the same go as a case for a classical guitar and I suppose I look like I’m twelve years old into the bargain… grrrr! Have you noticed that there aren’t any females working there??

It’s a good laugh afterwards and all, but it is not a good thing that anytime I have to go to Sam Ash for anything, I automatically start dreading just the thought of having to walk in and subject myself to such unnecessary and misplaced scrutiny.

Anyway, moving on. Svetlana brought in beer for us to taste, pictured near the top of this post, and she brought cacao nibs and forgot the cheese plate. Hahahaha. It’s ok. I can’t say I’m a huge fan of the brown ale… too hoppy for me. I did finish it, but truly it’s not my type. The Midas Touch was exceptional; it was like the best of both worlds, and you’d think the honey would have been fermented out, but it stuck to the back of your throat and warmed it as honey does in hot tea. That is definitely one I’d look for again.


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