Filling Frozen Desserts: No Rocky Road–article-headline-

This article talks about choosing the correct stabilizers and sweeteners to come up with the desired textures and sweetness levels in frozen foods, especially with classics maintaining a good rapport with the mainstream market, but finding decent competition in the demand for more exotic flavors due to a more ethnically diverse population. Formulators have to take into consideration the natural attributes of other ingredients, such as the natural sweetness of fruits which necessitate lower levels of sweeteners in fruit sorbets, or the use of goat’s milk in desserts targeted towards those who cannot consume cow’s milk for any reason; goat’s milk has a different makeup than cow’s milk which presents challenges such as a need for a different balance of stabilizers, and a difficulty in keeping the flavor true. The article briefly mentions using modified starches to prevent ice crystal formation. Also, some frozen desserts seek to blend textures, such as a gooey caramel swirled throughout an ice cream medium, and these present challenges of their own.

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  1. I love the concept bringing to light all the hard work that goes into developing delicious frozen treats… It’s not at all what most people think about when they eat ice cream. There’s obviously a lot more too it! And next time I bite into a caramel swirl ice cream scoop, I’m going to think about all the logistics and planning that went into it.

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