Spring Restaurant Week 2012 ~ Local 127

– We were about fifteen minutes early and had some time to kill, so Martha and I stopped in at Via Vite with the intention of saying hi to Fran =)

– Aaaand as we were saying hi to Fran, two other employees caught my eye and waved… !!! Stephen C and Tony =) The last time I saw Stephen, he was telling me he’d just started at Via Vite, and I’d completely forgotten. As for Tony, somehow, the guys didn’t get around to telling me that he’d started there within the past couple of weeks. It was a perfectly lovely little surprise.

– 1st course, Chef’s Cured and Pickled Tasting ~ I’ve discovered that I like pickled okra.

– And out come the cameras :D I went with the perfect group of people. Four ladies with cameras out as each course came in, and two perfectly amiable gentlemen at the end of the table to cover for our sudden lapse of conversation. LOL They were very, very kind to humor us.

– That was some killer cornbread, man. It was totally picture-worthy, whatever Stevo said.

– My 2nd course, potato and celeriac soup, mirepoix, an aged white cheddar foam, potato chips, parsley oil

– Martha’s 2nd course, caesar salad with a parmesan crisp and sous vide egg

– My 3rd course, meat loaf, deconstructed mac & cheese, more aged white cheddar foam, mirepoix, squash, mushroom gravy, house ketchup, red wine reduction, fried shallots, more potato chips ~ Sharon and Steffy and Martha got pics of their third course (chicken), and Matt was kind enough to offer that I take a picture of his (flounder), but my phone chose that moment to act up and I did not want to inconvenience the dear sir, either with the camera or by making him wait to eat his food =D Hahaha. Martha and I had talked over my getting the meat loaf and her getting the chicken, and Stevo had interjected that he would get the flounder to round us out.

me: What? Why? Martha and I are getting different things because we’re letting each other try… You’re not sharing with us…
Stevo: No, no, but I’ll be, you know, picking off of… *indicates my place setting*

Silly Stevo. As it was, I heard him order the meat loaf.

– It was Matt’s idea to kneel. No, seriously.

– Ok, ok, so I guilt-tripped Stevo into being in that picture. No regrets.

– We all walked Steffy back to her respective parking garage, and the men walked Martha and myself to our parking garage, and before we’d all finished properly saying goodbye, we heard Tony calling to us. He’d just gotten off work. Could’ve stood there for hours catching up with them if I hadn’t needed to drive Martha back to CState… But it’s ok! They said they were up for doing it again, and I want to go to La Poste…


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