Dear Cryo-Vac Machine, How I Miss Thee

0013 Home from day 120, and my three-months notice is in… “And three months from now would be… When are you leaving?” “June 10. So my last day will be June 9-” “Hang on, you’re leaving June 10, and you want your last day to be the day before you leave?” “…” “Don’t you want to spend time with your family??” “Oh. I mean, yeah, but, you know. I dunno. What?” “Well, I mean, you’re putting in three months’ notice.” “Oh. Yeah.”

Frankly, I’m exhausted. My slip says 10.91 hours. Which isn’t that bad, in all actuality.

Yesterday, I paid a visit to the cryo-vac machine to tell it how much I miss it. “And that’s not weird at all.” – Sam

As I’ve grown older, the world has felt simultaneously bigger and smaller… Bigger because I’ve developed an attachment to places that are impossible to drive to, and smaller as I’ve appreciated more and more just how much of the world I have managed to see for someone so young.

But how’s this for a small world: Since I graduated from MCI, and I’ve gone back mostly for sidebars with Steve, Matt’s sort of taken Bradley’s place in that respect. And note that I use the phrase, “taken Bradley’s place,” and not, “replaced Bradley,” because no one could possibly do that, and there is a difference. But sidebars with Steve these days include Matt, in the manner in which they once included Brad.

I don’t remember exactly when Matt joined the Receiving crew – certainly after I’d left – and frankly, I don’t remember when he came to merit hi and goodbye hugs from me, or what precipitated it; all I know is, when I go and dish out hugs to Billy, Monty, and whoever else I might have any hope of running into, Matt is included. Stevo’s not listed because I don’t dish out hugs to Stevo; Stevo has to be in the mood to dish out hugs to me, which he usually is these days if timed properly, but every now and then…

Anyway, so there I was saying hi to the cryo-vac machine, and Matt was there and we were chit-chatting because I was out to convince him to say yes to dinner on Monday so that Stevo would say yes to dinner on Monday because Stevo wouldn’t say yes to dinner on Monday unless either Matt or Bradley said yes to dinner. on. Monday.

It turns out that Matt was born in St. Louis, ended up in PA at some point in his life, and resided within the Sycamore school district from 6th grade up. I’d discovered two days earlier that he’d gone to high school with Bobby Ghantous, when Bobby because the subject of conversation during a sidebar due to recent texts.

Aaaaand then… upon having convinced Matt to say yes to dinner on Monday so that Steve would say yes to dinner on Monday – which, by the way, was a piece of cake, and Matt is wonderful – I was taking down his number and asked for his last name. Within six letters – out of eleven – it hit me. “Do you have a sister named Katie?!” I haven’t seen Katie since 4th grade, and while we were about as good friends as good friends can go in elementary school, I can’t say I’ve thought of her since we left. And now I hang out with her big brother.

So yes, dinner on Monday. The original group included Josh and Em, but it turned out that they’re closing on the house that night – super excited for them! – and I won’t see them again till the wedding. So it was that there were two open spots and I didn’t think I’d have any luck trying to get a response from Bradley, and Matt was so conveniently accessible, not to mention I do honestly enjoy his company. (Although he asks how I survived Receiving with all the questionable… language… “What? Aurora thrived when she was here.” – Steve) It is to be Martha, Steffy, Steve, Matt, and myself at Local 127, and Steffy has invited a food blogger with whom she has become familiar through the Culinary Smackdown, if I understand correctly.

I was hoping to make it to La Poste and the Brown Dog this Restaurant Week, but it might have to wait until the fall… Oh well. I’m excited for Local 127. I’ve been wanting to go for a while; I wonder if Brian still works there.

Hmm… 0118. I think I’ve officially tired myself out. Time for some sleep before day 121.


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