Drinking Dessert


Smirnoff has taken vodkas into the dessert-flavored realm, introducing flavors such as “fluffed marshmallow,” and “whipped cream,” and targeting “younger, female drinkers.” And to be perfectly honest, I am somewhat intrigued. Interestingly enough, these new products have been subject to criticism specifically because they appear to target a much younger crowd; I gather that the thought process is that this will encourage underage drinking because these flavors are not ones that would appeal to a “mature adult.” I can see both sides of the argument; my initial thought concerning the underage drinking is that there is already so much of that going on, is this one product really going to make that significant of a change in the habits of those who do not already participate in underage drinking? Really – are underage persons going to see fluffed marshmallow-flavored vodka and decide to cross the line specifically because of it?


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