Raw Milk Sickens 38 On The East Coast


Whenever I read things like this, my mind always wanders into questions upon questions. What about before pasteurization? Did a truly, scarily significant percentage of people get sick from drinking raw milk? Was pasteurization, therefore, always truly necessary to begin with, or have the changes in the environment, the industry, and in society necessitated it? Is the world dirtier or are people more careless (or both)? If so, why?
On the one hand, I sympathize with those making a case against the imposition of pasteurization; a, “their bodies, their choice,” sort of thing. On the other hand, those people that are willing to pay more for raw milk are very possibly, perhaps even probably, the kind of people who are of the mindset that it’s important to get back to basics as much as possible. While I completely agree, I also practically recognize that there are more than few basics that society has made literally impossible to safely get back to. But the question still returns; while something like raw milk has is not risk-free, but not entirely condemnable either, is it the place of the pragmatic to impose their pragmatism on those who are equally educated in their choice but have different priorities?

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  1. I’m a big fan of Louis Pastuer, but i’d rather hear a person make an informed decision than rely on gov’t regs…sometimes. It’s a complex issue. But it also makes one wonder, why drink cow’s milk at all? ;)

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