Sweet Deals


How many times have any of us eaten out at a restaurant with every intention of ordering dessert, flipping through the dessert menu and agonizing over the choice to be made while waiting for our entrees, and then, upon coming to it, discover that we are simply too full, or can’t imagine having room for more than a couple bites and ultimately opt for none at all? This article talks about different operations’ ideas for presenting smaller dessert options, and the challenges which may present themselves in doing so. Some examples given are small donuts and cake pops, just a couple bites each, and available in larger quantities for guests who want to share. Restaurants that are known for their generally large and very satisfying portions offer mini trio dessert options.
Restaurants are also playing with savory dessert flavors, as well as presentation, such as offering desserts in shot glasses that the guests can keep and take home. Showcasing seasonal ingredients give guests an additional incentive to order the dessert now, while it’s still available. Also, turning simple familiar desserts such as cupcakes into complex masterpieces for upscale operations.

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