Beer & Wine Join the Cocktail Crowd

I’d like to introduce a new category to my blog, which I’ve entitled “Culinology Curiosities,” the inspiration for which is our weekly Food Chem assignment to read an article from one of six online food magazines, and to then post the article and a few notes on what we learned to our class blog forum. This is a habit that I hope to continue past this quarter. With that, here is my first sharing with the class…

From the title, it would seem as if beer and wine in mixed drinks are equally new to the scene; what the article goes on to say is that, while beer has been making appearances in mixed drinks for a little while now, wine is “playing catch-up.”

We do tend to think of beer and wine as drinks that are meant to stand by themselves, and part of that, as the article states, is how they are advertised. Neither of them – especially not wine – are advocated as potential components of mixed drinks by their creators. Apparently, however, last summer there was a program entitled, “Rioja Pour Genius,” which encouraged bartenders to come up with mixed drinks using white, red, or rose Rioja.

One advantage suggested concerning wine in mixed drinks is the potential for attracting customers who already know a little about the wine. When they see a mixed drink which contains a wine that they are already familiar with, it opens up a very favorable opportunity for them to go a little out of their comfort zone, based on something they already like.

Sweeter wines with softer tannins seem to be a little ‘easier’ to mix, and some caution against using oaked whites save with very strong spirits such as bourbon.

Another advantage to using wine and beer in mixed drinks is the generally lower alcohol content, allowing customers to “safely” consume more.

I’m going to have to try some of these combinations at home! Vanilla ice cream with Lindemans Framboise and Double-Chocolate Stout…


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