… i’ve tried to forget you, i’ve tried to stay away, but it’s too late…

I can’t remember the last time I stood in the hallway waiting for the Writing Center to be unlocked. I’ve forgotten how easy it is to blog when one is the first person into the Honors room; it’s dark and quiet and relaxing and extremely cheering, especially with all the Christmas lights in here.

I keep coming back. I walked into Jay’s office and the first words out of my mouth were, “I don’t know what I’m doing here.” “That’s what you said last time, kiddo.” I mean, logistically speaking, the truth is that I dropped Dad off at work at 6:45 and I don’t have class until 11. Who wants to kill time at UC? Not me! And MCI’s in between and therefore a very convenient and completely valid option.

There’s even been time and occasion to be productive; I’ve emptied out my surge card [finally] by having cake pops (may I say that Bakery Hill does a perfectly excellent job with cake pops, and I think they’re so much better than the pumpkin or whatever ones at work, not to mention the flavorless one I had at Starbucks in September) and a soy Milkyway [also finally; it’s been almost a year since Marybeth told me I had to have one].

Of course, now that it’s about 9:17 and I was let in ten minutes early by people who still recognize me, I’m beginning to feel a little sad that I’m not here with Josh, George, PJ, Martha, Anthony, Alyssa… but if these Christmas decorations are any indication, then I’d say it was a good choice to trust Cory with the tradition. I am exceedingly pleased. *strikes pose* Seriously, though, these decorations are better than anything I ever managed to pull off when I was here, and I’m excited for Cory, and Courtney for that matter, to make it to UC and then we can all be together =) Maybe we’ll even be in the same orientation class, since I missed the deadlines for this year…

I’ve still got about 45 minutes to kill before I head to UC. I guess I’ll walk around, visit some old favorite staircases, chit-chat a bit more with Jay… hopefully run into some people… Lol, I tagged along when Jay went to unlock the classroom for Smain, and I flicked Rob’s sleeve to get his attention and ask if we were prepping tomorrow. “What are you doing here?” “Hanging out.” “Geeze, it’s a bit early to be hanging out here, isn’t it?” I didn’t have time to explain; he was being ushered into class. I’m sure it’ll come up at work tomorrow or something.

Hey! the speakers still buzz when there’s a text incoming. And ah, and I have a picture for my 365 day picture challenge, courtesy of where else but Receiving. WIN.


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