So they say…

… that what you’re doing on the 1st is what you’ll be doing the rest of the year. I’ll be cooking, cleaning, singing, eating, and sleeping. Not a bad start, I think.

2012 Shuffle

Opening credits: Close enough to start a war, all that I have is on the floor…

Waking up: Something always brings me back to you, it never takes too long…

How I’m feeling today: Baby, you’ve got the sort of hands to rip me apart…

First day of school: I found God at the corner of First and Amistad…

The weekend: Galileo fell in love as a Galilean boy…

Will I get far in life: I don’t know if I can yell any louder…

Will I get married: Are you listening, Javelina? Every corner of the coast is still clear…

Will I have a happy life: I am the sea on a moonless night, calling, falling, slipping tides…

How does the world see me: I never thought that you would be the one to hold my heart…

How do my friends see me: This was a triumph, I’m making a note here, “HUGE SUCCESS”…

Falling in love: Now here you go again, you say you want your freedom…

Fight song: Hand out the window, floating on air, just a flick of the wrist, and I am waving you goodbye…

Breaking up: We watched the season pull up its own stakes…

The best thing about my friends: I’m caught in a moment out in the rain…

Best friend’s theme song: I watched the morning dawn upon your skin…

High school overview: Don’t delay, something tells me I gotta go away…

Life: Keep drinking coffee, stare me down across the table while I look outside…

Mental breakdown: I wake up every evening with a big smile on my face…

How can I make myself happy: If blood will flow while flesh and steel are one, drying in the color of the evening sun…

Driving: I have been blind, unwilling to see the true love you’re giving…

Flashback: The sky looks pissed, the wind talks back, my bones are shifting in my skin, and you, my love, are gone…

How is my life going: She’s out of my life…

What I should do with my life: A beautiful and blinding morning, the world outside begins to breathe…

How can I get ahead in life: I’ll start this broken heart, I’ll fix it up so it will work again, better than before…

Getting back together: We were sitting, we were sitting in the strawberry swing…

Wedding: Ninety miles outside Chicago, can’t stop driving, I don’t know why…

Will I ever have children: Tell me his name, I want to know…

Birth of child: Met my old lover in the grocery store, the snow was falling Christmas Eve…

Final battle: Starry starry night, paint your palette blue and gray…

Death scene: No words, my tears won’t make any room for more, and it don’t hurt like anything I’ve ever felt before…

Funeral song: Right, right, turn off the lights…

Life overview: I wish I were pretty, I wish I were brave, if I owned this city, I’d make it behave…

End credits: They say that home is where the heart is…



  • sharp shiny pointy AAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!! this knife bag is NOT intuitive.
  • perfectly wonderful afternoon with Michelle Johnson and Nate Eckman , followed by an absolutely delicious dinner with Marybeth Themann andStephen Carnes. lovely, lovely =)
  • Happy Birthday to my Mommmyyyyyyy!! :D :D :D
  • Yehessssss. Registered for… Banquets, Dining Room 3, Mixology, Cost Ctrl 2, Honors Public Speaking, Sommelier Prep, and one. last. credit. of co-op.
  • To anyone looking for an absolutely delicious lunch or dinner on a very special occasion (or a perfectly ordinary occasion, but be prepared to spendddd), I highly HIGHLY recommend the Brown Dog Cafe on Pfeiffer. Go hungry and make sure you share a display, have an appetizer and a salad and an entree and dessert, and if you’re over 21, have fun with their insanely extensive wine/beer/martini/liqueur menu.
  • officially has two new Kuyas =) *happy*
  • already misses Michelle Johnson and Nate Eckman like crazy.
  • Only having four more classes with my two newfound Kuyas is a very saddening thought. It has been almost like having Wednesday nights/Saturdays with the Dream Team back. =(
  • DTS FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • cost control 1 final project and aisa do not like each other. at all.
  • roughly 1/4 of the way through this international paper… eh.
  • hmm… homecoming… or rally… homecoming… or rally… no, seriously? dude! wherever you are today, in DC or your home parish or with me and my friends today at fountain square, stay safe and stay warm, and if at times you can’t quite achieve the latter, let’s all offer it up together! now let’s go save some sweet little bundles of potentialities!!!
  • LATE FALL TERM COMPLETE!!!!!! lol. now for a whole ten-day break! pG!
  • eating rum balls and thinking of Devin McIntyre
  • purple.


  • bourne marathon. yehesssssssssss.
  • making chain mail is harder than i thought. either that or my fingers have lost their skill and i have lost much patience, because the jump rings i’m using are from my byzantine weave necklace and bracelet that i made years ago which i’m now painstakingly disassembling. >.<
  • ‎3.857 AHHHHHHH!!! rotflwtime. four A’s and a B :D :D *happy dance jump around bounce bounce clap clap swing a sword around ladeedaaa* ^_^
  • let it be known to the world that Josh Monroe continues to be the epitome of academic success
  • Operation Nino Overload complete.
  • pecorino, asti, taralli, riesling poached pear sorbet… mmmmm.
  • STEELERS FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • The world will be a better place when more people read The Shadow of the Bear, Black as Night, Waking Rose, The Midnight Dancers, and Alex O’Donnell and the Forty Cyberthieves. Seriously to the MAX*infinity+2.
  • yep. definitely a pinoy thing. go figure.
  • fifty-eight degrees! still too windy to sit out for more than fifteen minutes at a time, but it was nice to get some sun.
  • Wine is the blood of France. <– guess what hw i’ve been on for the past three hours
  • Happy St. Valentine’s Day everyone! And now, goodnight….
  • WOW this second week back went even faster than the first. how is that possible??? i can only surmise that this is due to the fact that i cannot help looking forward to seeing all the super awesome people that i got stuck with in every single class i have this term =) PLUS i’m back to living in the… water closet! :D let’s see who remembers that…
  • mama cooking with the radio on, papa eating, me peeling myself an orange, california gurls comes on and i look outside and smile and miss conference =) the weather here is almost worthy of santa clara. but then some ad comes on for “donkey-hoe-tay” so-and-so and i cringe >.< hahahaha.
  • pink’s please don’t leave me is on and papa, seemingly completely oblivious, is singing, singing, singing whatever he pleases :D guess i get it from papa. love it love it love it ♥
  • BUBBLE TEA! :D my saturday is complete.
  • Have I mentioned lately that Michelle Johnson is awesome?
  • is blessed to have a most supportive, forgiving, and overall very loving team. *hugz* and tons of thanks to Judith MillerRob Sentney, and H.h. Drew Paul =)
  • ahahaha. “Drink wine, and you will sleep well. Sleep, and you will not sin. Avoid sin, and you will be saved. Ergo, drink wine and be saved.” i feel like i’ve heard this before… rotfl. awesome.



  • whaaaaaat?!?!??! 1.5 years later and i’m going to be stuck back in the kitchen for 3610 with three of the most provoking people from my 3601 EVER :D :D :D Jeff Cooke Aaron White Rob Sentney
  • totally ready for some 80-90ish degree weather, oh yesssss i am =)
  • Vigil Mass is AWESOME. HAPPY EASTER!!!!! time to eat dinner. or is it supper. idk…
  • whaaaaaaat?! it’s my last term and NOW i lose my surge card? ay yi yi…
  • spectacular performance by the children’s choir, another awesome homily by fr. geoff, 80 pieces of sushi, fried cheesecake, fried ice cream, mochi ice cream, nino’s first egg hunt (extremely bewildering for him), prosecco, and cancun shampoo bottles and sand. you know it’s been an amazing easter pag masakit na ang tiyan sa kakatawa. God is so good =)
  • so it begins.
  • ♥ team bada-bing ♥ lol
  • how does it work out that one has a ton of first-aid stuffs in one’s karate bag which sits in one’s closet for years, then one day one decides to empty out the bag because it’s just taking up space and subsequently cuts one’s toe on glass? and then one goes hunting for gauze and tape in the karate bag and when one realizes one emptied it a few months before one sits down and goes… really? really??blahhhhh.
  • “ma, should i trim the fat?” “what? no! masarap pag may taba; there’s no point in making adobo for guests if you’re going to trim it!” “oh, well…” “that’s what you do for hospital patients, not guests!” “…” “these are mommyisms.”
  • if Martha Tiffany dies on the way home, OR doesn’t get home until 2AM, i will blame Brad Bressler.
  • spaghetti puttanesca –> best breakfast EVER xD lol
  • oh, what would this little girl do without Michelle Johnson?
  • DTS FTW!!!!!!!! –> lol i’m pretty sure that’s a repeat status right there.
  • AHHHHHHHHHHH ONE LUNCH TWELVE LEFTOVERS TOMORROW!!!!! it’s that time of year again. hence Mass later rather than tomorrow.


  • Happy Divine Mercy Sunday! Blessed John Paul II, pray for us!
  • Home! an hour earlier than anticipated. I call that an accomplishment.
  • back at school… whaatt? i only left eight and a half hours ago… lol.
  • my love’s too big for you, my love.
  • To all my FB friends:
    In honor of Mother’s Day we’re trying to see how many of you are willing to change your profile picture to a picture of your mother and keep it there till May 9. I did and so have several others. If you will and like this idea, please re-post this as your status so everyone gets the word out and we’ll see how many beautiful mothers we can get on FB. Happy Mother’s Day, Mommy! We ♥ you!!
  • ahhhhh tired!!! ahhhhh can’t sleep ’cause of stress overload! ahhhh sleep isn’t productive! ahhhh!!! >.< i think i might actually need coffee tomorrow.
  • HAH i finished precalc hw in accounting class. i think i’ve earned a nap…
  • it really doesn’t get much better than a bunch of post-prom slap-happy teens singing Prince of Peace and Days of Elijah at 2 something in the morning. EPIC.
  • LOLOLOLOLOL today’s gonna be awesomeeeeeee. i wonder if Stef Ofhfsis still actually asleep or on Paco Josemaria P‘s laptop (we kiddies forced mummums to “sleep in”) :D :D :D :D
  • scullery maids ROCK. Erin HingsbergenRachel Strotman
  • and so it goes this soldier knows the battle with the heart isn’t easily won… but it can be won.
  • exhausted but ecstatic, for many reasons. now to crash…
  • it wasn’t even 9 am and i already knew it was going to be an awesome day… :D :D :D
  • Prince of Peace, Glory, Now That You’re Near, and A Sister’s Prayer. Yep, yep, all set for tomorrow =)
  • rotfl. oh Catholics. we so rock. wall post from yesterday’s ToT: “Tough call on what libation to imbibe for this occasion- Blue Moon, Labatt Blue or PBR in honor of the Blessed Mother’s colors? Corona in honor of her Queenship? Stella Artois for her distinction as Star of the Sea?”
  • I HATE GROUP PROJECTS where two people pull our weight and then the third person who we didn’t want in our group at all only the teacher mandated groups of three even though we two knew we would’ve got on brilliantly without doesn’t pull fair and so i’m stuck doing hw on a sunday night… !!!!!!!!! RAWR.
  • sooooooooooooo addicted to City of Black and White… hehe.
  • ToT tonight at the Pig and Whistle =) *happy dance*
  • “Innocence without principle is not virtue.”
  • I object to not being able to list “Thulcandra” as one’s current city and “Maleldil” as one’s hometown. C’mon, people, seriously?
  • maybe the hardest things are the dreams that we’ve been given
  • precon starts in one hour! wish i was there…
  • love isn’t borrowed, we aren’t promised tomorrow. we’ll never be ready if we keep waiting for the perfect time to come, won’t be steady, we’ll never be ready… where we don’t know, though we can’t see, just walk on down this road with me, won’t be steady, never be ready…
  • i gotssss my goodnight hug and kiss(es) and “i love ate” from da nino-boy =) me happy ♥
  • UC registration complete… except for my one culinary lab! lol. great…
  • All I have, all I have, all I have is Yours, and You watch my heart break a little bit more, my heart break a little bit more, my heart break a little bit more…
  • can the child within my heart rise above / can i sail through the changing ocean tides / can i handle the seasons of my life… time makes you bolder / even children get older / and i’m getting older, too… and if you see my reflection in the snow-covered hills / well, the landslide’ll bring it down
  • So so so BIG thanks to Richard RallankaJoyce DeLeon RallankaPatrick Klesmith, and Amanda Klesmith as well as me fam from Team Bada-Bingfor joining us for dinner on Tuesday :D :D :D We hope you had a great time!
  • *WHAT* IS ON YOUR SHIRT?!?!!? Erin HingsbergenRachel StrotmanBethany Strotman
  • done with hw. *BIG SMILE*


  • Leo de VelaDoris Dizon de VelaGabe D.Miguel De VelaMatthew Almario, ya’ll made my night =) Thanks and ♥ from Team Bada-Bing :D :D :D
  • OH SNAP! hanging outtttt with Marybeth Themann and Amber Losekamptomorrow =) soooooo exciteddddddd :D :D :D
  • anywhere you go let me go too
  • ‎… i’m reaching out my hand, so take it…
  • echoes of my everything, the emptiness the whole world sings at night, the laziness of afternoon, the reason why i burst and why i bloom, the leaky sink of sentiment, the failed attempts i never could forget, the metaphors i can’t create to comprehend this curse that i call…
  • Ofhfs if you can play this, i want to sing
  • what if a thousand sleepless nights are what it takes to know You’re near? what if the greatest disappointments or the aching of this life is the revealing of a greater thirst this world can’t satisfy? and what if the trials of this life, the rain, the storms, the hardest nights, are Your mercies in disguise?
  • ♥ Imogen Heap ♥ The Walk ♥
  • well, i’ve always wanted to sing at a wedding, but why did it have to be the holiday weekend? oh what to do…
  • </3 This love-hate relationship with the Castaways of the Flying Dutchman just never gets old >.<
  • I just… snapped a needle in half. Really?? From plastic utensils to needles… five years later and clearly I still haven’t found an appropriate outlet for my aggression…
  • yayyyyyy i gets to sing at a wedding! fun fun fun fun funnnn :D :D :D :D
  • “I’m going to google your facebook all over your twitter.” – Matt “… say wha?” – me
  • “Yet it would be your duty to bear it, if you could not avoid it:
    it is weak and silly to say you cannot bear what it is your fate to
    be required to bear.”
  • I am a CC. Team Bada-Bing FTW!!!
  • today’s a good day. a pink dress and danskos and red electric guitar earrings kind of day. a smile at everyone and nothing could possibly bring me down day. life is good. mGbp.
  • chapter twenty-seven of jane eyre is simply torturous.
  • blueeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!! … don’t ask why… xD
  • sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeetttt movie, bonfire, and jamm session with the DTS =)
  • one last class; regardless, i object to waking up at 6:30 on a saturday.
  • my daddy AWESOME =) Bong Ofhfs
  • YAYYYYYY skyped with Michelle Johnson for an hour and a half today. me HAPPY :D :D :D
  • I adjure you, O you daughters of Jerusalem, by the roes, and the harts of the field, that you stir not up, nor make the beloved to awake, till she please.
  • listening to ryan cayabyab’s silver album. rotflwtime it’s been YEARS…
  • GABERLUNZIES AND CHIMPANZEES Sam WurthJacob WurthBen WurthAnna Marie RidenourAaron Ridenour
  • ‎~ gonna muster every ounce of confidence i have and cannonball into the water ~
  • Paco Josemaria P is FIFTEEN TODAY. He’s OLD!!!!!!!! >.<


  • not.. impressed… by google+. hahahaha sorry!
  • if only there were a geosafari-type thingy for sommelier exam prep. that would be AWESOME. anyone know of any such thing?
  • Tricky Chris is on his way here! that makes me HAPPY xD
  • Ehhh. Die Hard was… so-so.
  • The Sacrament of Reconciliation is soooooooooooo cool =)
  • Stef Ofhfs
  • ‎=( didn’t get to watch Kenny Loggins… *sob*
  • HAPPY 4TH OF JULY!!!!!
  • too funny and too coincidental, what with having been waiting for this new laptop all day yesterday and having watched the extended cut of LotR on the big screen just the other week.
  • doesn’t know what she’d do without Michelle Johnson!!!!!
  • Why was I surprised when he broke into my heart? I called 911 but -I- was cardiac arrested for aiding and abetting ’cause it was me who let him in.
  • Praisefest tonight, oh snap!!! hyped to be jamming with Jon San Miguel,Gabe D., and Joseph Caparros, but missing Matthew Almario like crayzeee…
  • i strongly dislike level 56 of angry birds.
  • YESSSS!!!!!! MY TWO-AND-A-HALF YEAR-OLD BROTHER SINGS THE STAR TREK THEME SONG!!!!!!!!!!!!! my life is complete…
  • someday we’ll know if love can move a mountain, someday we’ll know why the sky is blue… someday we’ll know why samson loved delilah… ♥ switchfoot ♥
  • CHICAGOOOOOOOO!!!!!! :D happy to report a safe arrival. now to catch up on some sleep. i need it after all that power rangers beatboxing…
  • the downside to hanging out for a leeettlee tinyyy bit with Stephanie Boertlein and Brad Bressler after not seeing either for ages upon ages is missing them ten times as much afterwards, plus missing Steve Leisringby default by association. rawr >.<
  • home from chicago! a little sad. but thankful to have seen her favorite chicago Bros/Sisters if only very briefly ♥
  • there is nothing so perfectly wonderful on a sunday morning than one’s half-awake two-and-a-half yo brother walking into one’s room and wanting nothing more than a long good morning hug and a little back rub.
  • ♥ ask me now, i’ll give you the reasons my love will not fade through the fire and rain ♥ mat kearney ♥
  • there’s wi-fi at the park?! lol. excellenttt… and hey! the original Don’t Dream It’s Over (IOW NOT sixpence none the richer) is on the radio… finally! Stef OfhfsAlvin LokohTricky Chris
  • irish cream latte at coffee beans and brew… still like caribou coffee better, but that’s ok. nice to be here. one assignment down… two to go… and a midterm. *sigh*
  • all homework for this week, done! yay! now, for the rest of the week, i can work… and work… and work… without worrying about finding time for… anything… else…
  • Day 1 at Daveed’s: fun fun fun fun, and success! I can officially quenelle butter… hahahaha xD
  • Day 2: officially a new category on my blog just for this adventure. picture coming.
  • today’s downer – realizing that this new job means…. no more Theology on Tap on Thursday nights for this little girl. looks like a new regular at the Scripture studies on Tuesday nights. if them high schoolers’ll have me, of course. haha.
  • I is now home from Day 3. I should probably eat something… lol.
  • heeereeeeee capo… heeeeeereee capo capo capo… here boy… (uh oh. i have ten minutes to find that thing…)
  • How is it that I still haven’t found time for a Google+ hangout? The very existence of such a feature thrills me… and I am totally not utilizing it…
  • kit is immobilized by the kitten!
  • caramel soy latte at panera’s, J Gumbo with daddy and patrick, and now an orange julius at the coffee emporium =) i like today.
  • haha i gots my bearcat card =)
  • i can officially cross “google+ hangout” off of my summer to-do list xP
  • Day 4: apparently i say sorry too much. oh geeze, it’s the first few months of receiving all over again… lolz. and wahoo! i know my way home with the gps…
  • Day 5: I forgot to check out the rest of the spiral staircase!!! >.< =(
  • Well, Brand You presentation took about an hour. I’m actually proud of it… but right now, I’m going back to sleep.
  • what is this?! are they giving me prompts because my post was too short or something?? clearly i’m not posting enough… — with Stef Ofhfs.
  • Day 6 was…!!! short….
  • =( i is wishing i was at Conference… but prayers and much ♥ to everyone there, always. mGbp.
  • Day 7: the fourth floor was a *tiny* bit disappointing because the door that would actually get me out onto the roof was blocked off =( otherwise, happy.
  • Ben WurthAaron RidenourAnna Marie RidenourErin HingsbergenEvan HingsbergenRachel Strotman Bethany Strotman Faith Brown i just added y’all to the Theology on Tap West Chester group aaaannddd i is wondering if i will seeee any of you at the st. max college cookout next sunday?
  • hey Ben WurthStef Ofhfs, check out the tags on this one. “new hat” is a “non-linear style Telecine boutique,” googling “kuya” results in urban dictionary’s definition of it listed first, “none of those things” turns up music stuffs and Rev 2:10. “aprons” was the most predictable. a bunch of shopping stuff. (now, why did i get this screen again? should i expect this to be a regular happening? lol)
  • Don’t remind me / I’m a chickadee in love with the sky / But that’s clearly not a lot to crow about / ‘Cause when the stars silhouette me / I’m scared they’ll forget me / And flicker out…


  • <(♥ _ ♥)> so proud of this guy =)
  • craving caribou coffee and… candy.
  • french blue earl gray with honey and boba. one happy little lady signing off, yo.
  • yes, i did write two pages worth in cursive today, just fyi :P :D H.h. Drew PaulBrad Bressler and the day’s only half over! .
  • had to. had to had to had to.
  • Day 9: I OBJECT to being called DEA >:( *sigh*
    on the bright side, linguini punches -back- =)
  • AHHHHH!!! CREDO is the weekend immediately after I start back at school!!! >.<
  • good morning, world. time to take out the old green neckerchief again. just for one last week.
  • WHAAAATT??! I Am The Movie is now five bucks on amazon? i should’ve just… waited… two and a half more years…
  • day 2 of kids’ camp and day 1 of restaurant week… a day of this length just might require coffee…
  • coming home to adobo and rice is the best thing EVER.
  • ‎’She was curious, so I went on to say that it was a program for premarital relationships and choosing a marriage partner titled “How to Avoid Marrying a Jerk.”‘It’s National Book Week. The rules: Grab the closest book to you. Go to page 56. Copy the 5th sentence as your status. Don’t mention the book. Post these rules as part of your status.
  • Is misery made beautiful right before our eyes / Will mercy be revealed or blind us where we stand…
  • Home from 19-hour day 13 and end of Kids’ Camp #3 at 00:06 and I must be crazy because all I want to do after I eat dinner is catch up on some Star Trek. And Linguini + Zach + Yards = endless amusement. Therefore, tomorrow is going to be awesome, just like tonight, possibly better.
  • always makes me want to dance =)
  • ah. 00:21. home from day 14. to eat or not to eat, that is the question…
  • Walking into Pinoy Klasik for lunch always feels like walking into another world. Mass and tocino and super spicy caldereta and stikko and mangorind and boy bawang and plenty of dancing with awesome people while trying to eat cotton candy. Later, basketball and guitar and family journal time and dinner and Star Trek. Oh yes, perfectly wonderful Sunday.
  • My little children, let us not love in word nor in tongue, but in deed and in truth. 1 John 3:18
  • The question reads, “What is the product of fermentation? a) Ethanol, b) Methanol, c) Booze, d) Isopropyl.” It’s totally c, right? ^_^
  • Happy Happy Birthday to Chef Alan Neace =)
  • NEW DRINKING WARNING JUST RELEASED: Vodka and ice will ruin your kidneys. Rum and ice will ruin your liver. Whiskey and ice will ruin your heart. Gin and ice will ruin your brain. Coke and ice will ruin your teeth……Apparently ice is lethal!!! Warn all your friends: Lay off the ice ~ Just drink it straight!! Copy & paste this immediately. You could save a life!!! And don’t forget it also sunk the Titanic !!
  • yesssssss pictures are up from the pig roast and i found Kelsey Johnsonand myself doing the cupid shuffle and looking very -focused-. hahahahahaha best Sunday ever =)
  • Day 16: so much SARCASM. really feeling the ♥ ^_^ mhmm….
  • end day 18….
  • michelle is home michelle is home michelle is home michellleeeeeee is homeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ladeedaaaa *crazy happy dance* Michelle Johnson
  • Mass with the fam tomorrow =) almost feels like being homeschooled again.
  • OlzakSteve LeisringBrad BresslerThomas BellaMatthew D. Shelton
  • it’s going to be a perfectly lovely day tomorrow in every single way. i just know it.
  • ‎”i knew i wanted lifesaver gummis to raise my children.” – Michelle Johnson
  • FINALLY reading That Hideous Strength. It has been four years and seven months, and I am not proud of it, but I have finally gotten around to it, so.
  • ‎”Has it ever struck you what an odd creation Merlin is? He’s not evil: yet he’s a magician. He is obviously a druid: yet he knows all about the Grail. I often wonder whether Merlin doesn’t represent the last trace of something that became impossible when the only people in touch with the supernatural were either white or black, either priests or sorcerers.”
  • Stef Ofhfs Mother. Pg 11 of THS. “… some men have got to take charge of the rest… sterilisation of the unfit, liquidation of backward races, selective breeding. Then real education, including pre-natal education. By real education I mean one that makes the patient what it wants infallibly: whatever he or his parents try to do about it. Of course, it’ll have to be mainly psychological at first. But we’ll get on to biochemical conditioning in the end and direct manipulation of the brain…”
  • ‎”What should they find incredible, since they believed no longer in a rational universe? What should they regard as too obscene, since they held that all morality was a mere subjective by-product of the physical and economic situations of men? … There was now at last a real chance for fallen Man to shake off that limitation of his powers which mercy had imposed upon him as a protection from the full results of his fall. If this succeeded, hell would at last be incarnate.”
  • Go to your profile. Look to your left.
    First 8 friends are your zombie apocalypse team.
    Sidekick: Marybeth Themann
    Heavy Weapons: Tricky Chris
    the one that has really been a zombie the whole time: Miguel Francisco
    the brains: Martha Tiffany
    the one that trips you to get away: Jason Heyl
    the first to die: Joe Blocker
    the one that has their own bunker: MaryAnn Ridenour
    the one that is looking for the last twinkie: Eric Schwartz
  • home now from day 19. northside’s rather pretty at night.
  • home from day 20. THANK YOU!!!! to Ms. Marcha Hunley for surprise-coming out to Daveed’s tonight =)
  • ‎… hanggang ang puso mo’y napagod sa paghihintay kay tagal…
  • Day 21: “Hey, you haven’t said any big words lately.” *sigh*. Anyway, white chocolate mousse and pineapple sorbet-that-tastes-like-green-mango FTW =)
  • ‎”Real hatred against you wouldn’t have you sinning happily. Real hatred would have you sinning awfully, bored with your very sin, addicted to shallow things, unable to taste even illicit happiness, much less real joy, sinning out of commitment, spending long nights justifying your actions, burning your bridges to wholeness, forgiveness and peace.”
  • so put on your best, boys, and i’ll wear my pearls =)
  • You’re in a mental hospital.
    Use the 1st six people on your friends list on your profile.

1. Person who drove you crazy: Brad Bressler
2. Person who signed you in: Michael Walsh
3. Your doctor: Prosperidad Amargo
4. Person in the corner drooling on themselves: Jon San Miguel
5. Your roommate: Joe Blocker
6. Person who helps you break out: Michelle Johnson

  • The next time we watch ST TNG (which will probably be tomorrow night), I will record Nino saying, “Pace. Da finaw fwonteiw. Dese awe da voydes of da Stawsip Entewpwise….” etc. etc. for Nate EckmanKit James, and Eric Schwartz =) Promise.
  • lil bro quotes from lunch: “I want to make sure you’re well provided for.” “Ate, if your husband is rich, can I have a sword?”
  • suddenly just -spoiling- for a Pacquiao fight. not entirely sure why…
  • LOLfest at Scripture Study tonight… my goodness. BITE MARKS.
  • short day 22; home for dinner, rosary, and star trek :D


  • now that i think about it, what a terribly short week! no complaints, i suppose. but the question becomes – am i or am i not chillaxxing with awesome Kuyas and Ates at The Blind Lemon after work tonight? =)
  • It would be better to be cool / It’s not time to be open just yet / A lesson once learned is so hard to forget / Be still, my beating heart / Or I’ll be taken for a fool / It’s not healthy to run at this pace / The blood runs so red to my face / I’ve been to every single book I know / To soothe the thoughts that plague me so…
  • GOOD MORNING WORLD!!! …. just got home… hahahaha. end day 23 =) good timezz with kuyas and ates :D
  • ‎~ Wake me up when September ends. ~ Gee, I need to listen to some Green Day, it’s been wayyyy too long…
  • pizza, hot dogs, videoke and merlot. great way to spend the last few hours of the day. ‘night, world =)
  • LOL from 2006: ‘Heh, guess what Paco and Migi’s new favorite word is? Tsetseburetse. I threw it into one of their tagalog lessons because they wouldn’t stop being silly. And… when they found out that it means nonsense, Paco said, “No, no, ate, you know what it means? Tsetseburetse equals… hindi sen-see-bul!” and now the boys have even made up a song…
    “Tsetseburetse, tsetseburetse, tsetseburetse equals… hindi sensible!!!!”‘
  • Captain America with Paco Josemaria PTricky ChrisAlvin Lokoh, andBong Ofhfs post-batchoy ‘n beer tonitee =) HYPED.
  • GTAB.
  • ‎~ These are ADDICTIVE ~You’re in kindergarten again. Use the first 7 people on your profile.1. Your best friend: H.h. Drew Paul2. The kid eating glue: MaryAnn Ridenour3. The kid who steals your crayons: Redd Velasco4. The kid picking their nose: Joe Blocker5. The teacher’s pet: Martha Tiffany6. The bully: Karmela Marie Dalisay7. The class clown: Aaron Ridenour
  • pinoy humor FTW. La Vita e Bella =)
  • IT’S AN A-O MOMENT. HAIL THE MINION LORD Tricky ChrisPaco Josemaria PAlvin Lokoh
  • Oh my goodness!! A super awesome Kuya proposed to his lovely lady! Prayers for them both, please, and their families =) ~ mGbp ~
  • home again from st. louis… wahhh…
  • DRUNKEN BAR FIGHT!! First 8 friends on you list on your profile page are your team…. no cheating!!!
    Starts fight: Gabe D.
    falls off a bar stool drunk: Chris Bender
    Hits some1 w/empty bottle: Alice Swadner
    Gets hit for no reason: Josh Monroe
    Throws someone out of a window: Alyssa Roll
    Is thrown out of a window: Kit James
    Sissy who calls the cops: Matthew Almario
  • i’m in the honors lounge! again… lol… wasn’t planning to be, but there we go.
  • sometimes, you have to allow for a day that cannot be a “keep smiling” day, but merely a “grit your teeth and keep going” day. a little downton abbey before the grind, i think. some prayers wouldn’t hurt, either.
  • Dear God, Mama Mary, and Guardian Angel, YOU GUYS ROCK. This little girl could not stop smiling and laughing and singing everything Hillsong United all the way home =) ~ so i’ll stand with arms high and heart abandoned in awe of the One Who gave it ALL ~ Off to Adoration with the fam! Day 26 was a short one.
  • Home from day 27…. Whyyyyy must Theology on Tap vacillate only between days on which I’m *never* available??
  • trying to remember now who those seven people were… i don’t think i’m even friends with all of them still. Lol. — with Jeff Cooke and Joe Blocker.
  • I have determined that I need to hang out downtown more. I strongly object to an already forty minute drive home from work being sixteen minutes longer than usual due to weekend ramp closures and four detours which rendered me completely lost and that much more sleep deprived. Way to end week 8, yo.
  • 9/11… miserere nobis. And to think Yena was still in Mommy’s tummy when all of this started. Anxious to get to Mass with the whole fam (boys just got home from their canoeing trip).
  • Looooongg day of video editing in front of me… Won’t have any other time before Thursday when it’s due. Wish me luck in making Thomas Bellalook like he’s successfully schooling Patrick ;)
  • You throw a Halloween costume party. Go to your profile, list the first 9 people… no cheating.
    princess: Chris Bender
    lunch lady: Roland Sajor
    power ranger: Stephanie Boertlein
    70’s disco dancer: Elvin Tolentino
    Drag queen: Jason Heyl
    giant taco: Anna Marie Ridenour
    evil clown: Carmela Nipas
    smurf: Marybeth Themann (I had to look that one up. I’m still not entirely sure I understand.)
    redneck: Joe Blocker
  • completely unexpected day off tomorrow = aisa watches kill bill before going to bed. good times, good times.
  • ate at Daveed’s with Mom and Dad =) Felt a little strange sitting down and not being in uniform, but surprisingly less so than when eating at the Summit. *happy*
  • Stef Ofhfs: Did it feel like being five?
    me: Yeah, kinda… Except for the wine?
  • Brunch with Anna Marie Ridenour before work =)
  • RED NECKERCHIEF. ’nuff said. end somewhat bumpy day 31.
  • ell, they liked it. my fav lines are: “if we could just find some bricks and put, like, a dozen on each layer… then we have to figure out how to get it upstairs…” – Jay Olzak; “unsweetened flaked coconut; question mark?” – Thomas Bella
  • home from day 32. end week 9. best week yet for laughs =) and best thing ever coming home to a chorus of “hi, ats!” from three little sibs ♥ oldest of four sibs is already asleep, hahaha.
  • yiii. rather chilly afternoon to be heading to KI (took me a few seconds to remember that it’s not PKI anymore)… i object to fall showing up so suddenly.
  • Sooooo cute hearing the 2-yo say, “longganisa.” Speaking of which, toast + longganisa + white cheddar. Pretty awesome breakfast to start off a day of… getting-ready-for-the-school-year-cleaning… >.<
  • Advanced Asian is now available on Blackboard… Looks like my class isn’t that small after all!! There’s nine of us, and I know half my class off the top of my head =) Hahaha. Schweeeett.
  • Dear Wheelock’s Latin,Welcome back into my life and back onto my shelf. It’s been a perfectly glorious near-decade without you. I hope that, both of us being much more mature this time around, we’ll have a little more success at being chums.Most Sincerely,
  • Tomorrow’s going to be a good day. A making-limoncello, coffee-with-the-guys, Scripture-Study-and-hot-cider kind of day. It’s going to be excellent.
  • Stepped out of my room into the hallway and 21 Guns is playing from somewhere in the house. I think I’d forgotten that song existed…
  • pre-fall-quarter coffeeeeee with some pretty awesome people =) — withEmma Schrantz and 3 others.
  • Resurrecting super awesome CREDO vids for Minister Marv and Philip G. Cohen – Catherine Bare is the one wearing green in this one –
  • goodbye summer, hello junior year. first summer off in almost a decade… last summer off for the rest of my life? lol. see ya’ll at 4:45 in the morning, yo! back to being up before the sun.
  • a) two words for you, Alice Swadner: Beet. Salad.
    b) Michelle Johnson if you were in town, we’d be hanging out every single thursday because on thursdays i’ve got four hours of downtime just ten minutes away from your house.
    c) it’s an incredibly good thing when one gets up at 0445 and at 1600 is totally looking forward to work being the best and most enjoyable part of one’s day, isn’t it?
    d) unless of course, one intends to have coffee and chit-chat tons and tons with Stephanie Boertlein =)
  • Dear UC Asian Student Welcome organizers-who-want-to-know-what-the-Asian-Students-in-question-hope(d)-to-get-out-of-attending-said-Welcome,Knowing the size of last year’s graduating class and what percentage of it was Asian is not going to get me a 4.0 this quarter.I am not asking for an Asian posse. All I want is just -one- college Kuya who is -actually- Pinoy and wears a Scapular, is totally up for a jamm session or a Bourne marathon or Jet Li’s Fearless anytime, will teach me breakdancing and how to use a balisong, will practice arnis and chako with me, and who will speak to me in anything but English 50% of the time.Thanks for wasting two hours of my life that I’ll never get back.ais
  • hay nako! TARAY!! kung pwede lang umiyak… >.< but then one becomes more conscious of the many angels who constantly and consistently go out of their way to keep one smiling. on a better note, i might have to help pacs clean the basement before the next potluck just so jason and i can throw stars =)
  • Would any of you like to come with me? — with Sylvia Ulmer and 20 others.
  • this is my prayer in the desert when all that’s within me feels dry, this is my prayer in my hunger and need; this is my prayer in the fire, in weakness or trial or pain; there is a faith proved of more worth than gold, so refine me, Lord, through the flame; this is my prayer in the battle; all of my life, in every season, You are still God; i have a reason to sing, i have a reason to worship… this is my prayer in the harvest when favor and providence flow, i know i’m filled to be emptied again, the seed i’ve received i will sow…
  • Stef OfhfsPaco Josemaria P
  • GOT IT. =) Enjoy. (He speaks a little fast and skips a line, but I hope you’re able to follow… lol) — with Nate Eckman and 7 others.
  • Tricky Chris we’re making beef rendang in class tomorrow =)
  • heading into an 18-hour day entirely devoid of any breaks of any sort on 4 hours and 52 minutes of sleep is probably not a good idea. we’ve established that i’m insane, yeah? well, here goes the sleep part. or, you know, the lying awake until 3 waiting for the adrenaline to wear off part. i think i’ve half forgotten why i do this to myself…
  • end day 39… natapos rin sa wakas…


  • home from day 40…. yay teamwork =) oh no adrenaline >.< here’s to some kill bill tonight :P
  • pizza… beer… downton abbey… WIN ^_^
  • three pages into this lab analysis thingy. whew :/ today was a YAY-for-super-Kuyas Steve Leisring & Josh Monroe school day =) fetal duck eggs and kusari fundo and common sense and ♥ and bear hugs are a perfectly wonderful way to precede a work week.
  • WOOT.
  • i have pics with steffy and brad & brad and steve. why do i not have a pic with brad -and- steffy -and- steve? this is a problem. it is extraordinarily frustrating. similarly, i have pics with nate and michelle & michelle and kit, but no picture with nate -and- michelle -and- kit. i object.
  • yay! chem exam 1 completed early = half an hour of free time… to try and finish this lab analysis. lol.
  • rediscovering music while completing lab analysis (i’m on the last question… yay!) Tricky Chris i found… red jumpsuit apparatus’ your guardian angel. hahaha haven’t played -that- in ages.
  • mother made me pork adobo for my breakfast and lunch tomorrow. Brad BresslerJosh Monroe be jealous.
  • OH SNAP. the first thing i’m going to tell ricky bobby when i get to work tomorrow is that i found a joseph shirt. WIN
  • ‎”Mom, tan buy me weapons?” (Mom, can you buy me weapons?) – the two years, nine months, and eight days old boy in this house
  • ‎*sigh* i REALLY need to restring the 12-string before next sunday…
  • people asking what i do in my free time = … me making a video of practicing with nunchucks while listening to taylor swift…
  • Imagine you’re Walt Disney; all Disney characters have been inspired by people you know. Look at your profile and fill in the first 10 friends that show up. NO CHEATING!
    1. Tarzan: Joe Blocker (see screen shot)
    2. Scar: Redd Velasco
    3. Scuttle: Kayla Kornrumpf
    4. Dopey: Anthony Webb
    5. Tinkerbell: Gabe D.
    6. Robin Hood: Minister Marv
    7. Fairy Godmother: Jon San Miguel
    8. Prince Charming: MaryAnn Ridenour
    9. Lady: Elvin Tolentino
    10. Minnie Mouse: Ben Wurth
  • five-page lab analysis… or a ridiculous amount of latin translation and parsing. one or the other -must- be completed tonight before the adrenaline wears off. i truly enjoy and adore both instructors, but the timing on this latest latin assignment is perfectly horrendous.
  • ~ i’m so sorry i’ve been so down / i started doubting things could ever turn around / and i began to believe that all we are is material / it’s nonsensical ~
  • bumping into an old enemy/stalker – as in, from three years back – who, within ten minutes, proves that they are just as keen on stalking as they ever were, is a perfectly valid reason to order one’s birthday weapons five months early. i HIGHLY object to this most unwelcome and completely unexpected meeting.
  • Let nothing
    disturb you;
    nothing frighten you.
    All things
    are passing.
    God never changes.
    obtains all things.
    is wanting
    to him
    who possesses God.
    alone suffices.

Christ has no body now on earth but yours,
no hands but yours,
no feet but yours,
yours are the eyes through which Christ’s compassion
is to look out to the earth,
yours are the feet by which He is to go about doing good
and yours are the hands by which He is to bless us now.

  • Tricky ChrisAlvin Lokoh learning SPEAR for one of my classes, plundering Bagsakan using this and Audacity and PD for my midterm project =) weeeiiirrdd stuff. but fun.
  • it don’t hurt like anything i’ve ever felt better / this is no broken heart / no familiar scars / this territory goes uncharted
  • prep sheets for this friday are easyyy. because, you know, as chef yek announced to the class, i know absolutely -nothing- about filipino cuisine, particularly adobo and turon =)
  • You’re in an RPG.Sword-wielding bad@$$: Kayla Kornrumpf
    Healer: Josh Monroe
    The one with the gun: Anthony Webb
    The fighter who needs no weapon: Aaron Ridenour
    Party member who can’t keep their mouth shut: Minister Marv
    Arch-nemesis: Karmela Marie Dalisay
    Mid-Boss: Kit James
    Final Boss: Brad Bressler
    Traitor: Joe Blocker
  • I realized that Let It Rock and Matthew Almario are inextricably linked in my mind when I heard it for the first time in ages and ages on my way home from work tonight, and I’m not even entirely sure that I remember -why-… ??
  • Should I know better than to assume that fifty-six minutes is a sufficient length of time in which to legally make it from Liberty Township to Blue Ash at 7:04 in the morning? I seriously think that’s pushing my brain cells a little too far. On a bright note, toasted batard + fresh tomatoes + mozzarella di bufala + fresh basil = best lunch & breakfast ever. Thank you, Mommy Stef =) Currently chilling at Panera to keep out of creepy high school stalker’s way.
  • Tomorrow’s going to be SUPER. Pics fo sho.
  • NOOOOO why can’t i register for classes?! it’s 6:08 already!!!!!! >.<
  • Stef OfhfsPaco Josemaria PBong Ofhfs what i was telling you about the other week –
  • yessssss I’M ALIVE. win.
  • ~ You lift me up when i am weak / Your arms wrap around me / Your love catches me so i’m letting go / You lift me up when i can’t see / Your heart is all that i need / Your love carries me so i’m letting go / i can see the dawn is breaking / i am feeling overtaken with Your love / You lift me up with Your love ~
  • jammin’ w/ laptops midterm project complete ^_^ kudos to kuya –> kthxbai –> static vessels, where it began, specifically with lullaby… and which was then plundered and destroyed and cast aside and brought back several times over… and where it ended after all.
  • it’s the child on a wedding day / it’s the daddy that gives her away / something beautiful / when we laugh so hard we cry / all the love between you and i / something beautiful / it’s the Voice that whispers my name / it’s the kiss without any shame / something beautiful =)
  • i have no energy for homework while half of my face is numb.
  • Chem Exam 2 complete… 10 minute break… I need something to make me laugh…It’s your WEDDING DAY!!!You Marry: Kit James
    Maid of Honor: Brad Bressler <– awkward…
    Best Man: Aaron Ridenour
    Tries to stop you: Karmela Marie Dalisay <– oh snap! why? i want to hear this story.
    Wedding Crasher: Alyssa Marie Santos
    Priest: Matthew Almario <– LOL remember when you said they tricked you into going up at CREDO? xD
    Eats all the wedding cake: Anna Marie Ridenour
    Gets way too drunk: Martha Tiffany <– LOL
    Tells embarrassing stories: Minister Marv <– somehow that seems to fit with all the pranks you’ve been telling us about
  • Home! from another eighteen-hour day… Time for dinner =) ~ i am the broken, breaking seas / even my blood finds ways to bleed / even the rivers, ways to run / even the rain, to reach the sun / even my thirsty streams / even in my dreams / i am restless, i am restless / i am restless looking for You ~
  • home before 10 pm on a saturday night? himala! =) mGbp.
  • ~ we were so young / we had no fear / we were so young / we had just begun / a song we knew / but had never sung / it burned like fire / inside our lungs / and life was just happening / nothing lasts / nothing lasts forever ~


  • this is tempting… –
  • chocolate forks and ambiguity, sorries and thank yous, british accents and butter… what a night for laughs at work ^_^
  • i is *happy* =)
  • ais got owned by ice today >.< at least it made *some*body laugh :/ and bother adrenaline, but i really can never sleep so soon after a decent fight ^_^ yay for sparring matches and hot salty water =D and ptL for friends ♥
  • i am four days behind on the 100 day picture challenge, because day 92 stipulates “Something weird in your house.” someone *else* needs to come into my house and find something for me, because i have no idea what is ‘weird’ by other people’s standards. i think everything in my house is perfectly normal.
  • i wonder what it’s like for the ‘rents to be hugging the 20-yo kid and the 2-yo kid at the same time. while watching star trek. lol.
  • yay for lunch with fr. geoff and marv =)
  • today’s been a motion city soundtrack ~ even if it kills me kind of day. i don’t know why, but i strongly suspect that it has something to do with november.
  • a new hobby = speeding mcs up to 128 bpm. lol.
  • praise God for sunshine and chai soy lattes beginning a potentially seventeen hour day ~ He’s more than the laughter or the stars in the heavens / as close as a heartbeat or a song on our lips / someday He’ll call us and we will come running / and fall in His arms and the tears will fall down and we’ll pray / “I want to fall in love with You”
  • happy veterans day =) <– UC holiday <– downtown adventure with friends :D
  • 100 day picture challenge is complete. now what… lol.
  • steelers win AND pacquiao wins in one weekend? *schweeeeeeettttt*
  • ‎”This is my world! It has more colors in it than orange and blue!” Stef Ofhfs Paco Josemaria P xD
  • ‎*sigh* i thought i was past this, but i -am- freaking out about my practice practical exam on friday. why am i freaking out about cooking asian food?!?! >.<
  • if i actually finish this lab analysis tonight, i’ll have zeroooo homework to do for the rest of the week… aside from any latin hw i might be assigned tomorrow. bother. lol. *so close…*
  • Which time she chanted snatches of old lauds / As one incapable of her own distress / Or like a creature native and indued / Unto that element: but long it could not be…
  • “Tedious? Yes. But rewarding. I don’t have to *buy* a drum machine, I can *make* one.” Stef Ofhfs guess what we’re programming in class today xD it’s AWESOME in every way possible.
  • well, that was fun. the pizza never came, but that’s ok. i just had foie.
  • never take a chem exam on less than four hours of sleep. how this could have been avoided, i have no idea, but don’t do it.
  • hah. hah. haha. also on less than four hours of sleep, on top of a chem exam first thing in the morning, i do not recommend a dental procedure which necessitates certain restrictions and following said procedure with class and work, thus preventing one from eating anything of true substance for eleven hours and fifteen minutes straight.
  • Kuya Judd, Kuya JunixMatthewGabe, i’m alive. and i’m still asian. just wanted to let you know. if any of you were home, i’d offer you green curry chicken that has one green chile in it for every ounce of chicken. it’s a -little- hot. but it’s good. and cod with shrimp sauce and talong and sitaw, wrapped and steamed in banana leaves. and if there was any left, a twist on turon with butter and more brown sugar and lots of rum.
  • it’s gotta be more like falling in love than something to believe in, more like losing my heart than giving my allegiance… caught up, called out; come take a look at me now, it’s like i’m falling… it’s like i’m falling in love.
  • with my eyes closed, all i see is the skyline through the window, the moon above you and the streets below…
  • ehhh. 99% on my second latin midterm. is it the homeschooler or the asian in me that isn’t thrilled? Stef Ofhfs speaking of which, i’m not normally conscious of it, but walking through CCM today, there are sooo many tight little groups of asians standing around chit-chatting, and i wonder why can’t -i- have a nice little group of asian friends at college to chit-chat with in my own language, too? xP fail.
  • I was standing outside and thinking what a miserable morning it was, weather-wise. Then a super awesome friend smiled and asked, “Isn’t it nice?” and indicated the rain. There was truly no better way to spend this stormy morning than at MCI, wandering around and catching up with several of my favorite people. God is so good =)
  • Put on therefore, as the elect of God, holy and beloved, the bowels of mercy, benignity, humility, modesty, patience: Bearing with one another and forgiving one another, if any have a complaint against another. Even as the Lord has forgiven you, so do you also. But above all these things have charity, which is the bond of perfection. And let the peace of Christ rejoice in your hearts, wherein also you are called in one body: and be thankful.
  • Jet Li’s Fearless always makes me weep. Like, really weep. Hehe, poor mom, outnumbered by the entire family in choice of Thanksgiving movie xD
  • what can i say? life is beautiful.
  • it’ll be weird walking into work and saying “good morning” instead of “good afternoon.” if it were mci ops, i’d be dishing out and happily receiving good morning hugs, but i don’t think we’re quite there yet. or not even close. oh well. so, not that i went black friday shopping, but…1. Riding the electric horse at the door: Nick Irvin
    2. Playing with Bopit and losing: Marybeth Themann
    3. Checking the prices of every item surrounding the aisle price scanner:Anna Marie Ridenour ms. math education major
    4. Trying to get out of the Power Wheels: Redd Velasco
    5. Trying to get in the electric Barbie Convertible Mustang: Ken Byers*like*
    6. Riding the Lime Green Big Wheel down the Barbie Aisle: Stephanie Boertlein
    7. Shooting people with a Nerf Gun by accident: Minister Marv oh you would
    8. Pressing the button on All the Crying Baby Dolls: Martha Tiffany
    9. Sitting in the Fisher Price Play House: Amy Walsh
    10. Staring into space, wishing they were a Toys R Us Kid: Matthew Almario
  • recycling scrap paper is great. when i print out music and such that i need for Mass every week, i discover old pre-calc worksheets, prep sheets, research papers i’d forgotten i’d written, class notes, scribbles…
  • YEEEK!!! I have TWO teenage brothers!!!! LOL =) Happy Birthday, Migi :D :D :D
  • Straight No Chaser in cinci on 12/14???? not fair!!!!!!!!!!!
  • grit-your-teeth-and-bear-it, can-i-just-cry-now-that-it’s-all-over days make this little girl more ridiculously anxious than usual for kuya-time. in five more weeks? Brad Bressler Steve Leisring


  • At 12:54:38 am, I turned 11 martian years old. Throwing spikes and steel cards are on their way to my house, among other things. Ftw.
  • adv asian practical final….!!!! on five hours of sleep…. plus work afterwards. wish class of 2014 the best ^_^ we’re gonna need it…
  • home from day 73…
  • ROTFLWTIME mother came into my room, i showed her my weapons, and she tried to throw them at my abused-when-i’m-angry wall. she didn’t throw them hard enough, so they just bounced, but so much for not making any more holes xD fail.
  • ~ they say that things just cannot grow / beneath the winter snow / or so i have been told / they say we’re buried far / just like a distant star / i simply cannot hold ~
  • Dearest Wheelock,
    It’s been a long time since 5th grade. My older, more mature, and more appreciative self wishes to declare the deep and sincere affection that I have developed for you over the past ten weeks. While I firmly intend to never allow my love of Latin to be sullied by being made to read from you out loud and pronounce everything classically as opposed to ecclesiastically, I am going to keep you and study the rest of you on my own time at home.
  • revisiting Mat Kearney’s City of Black and White…
  • home from day 75 at… 23:47 >.< it was a mat kearney kind of day… and then it was a death cab for cutie kind of night. *sigh*
  • me: i need to make rum balls.
    mom: you’ll need rum, we don’t have any. *lists stores* go get rum.
    me: mom… i can’t get rum for another three months…
    mom: oh. right.part of me’s grateful to be sitting down for a change at this time of day… part of me would rather be headed to work than to a chem final. pfffft. well, here goes nothing!
  • considering that all my other finals this quarter were agreeable, i suppose there had to be one that made me feel like –> “i am tired and hungry and totally useless.” pG for Mass tonight, i reallyyy needed it.
  • Michelle Eric Nate Kit i’m having trouble keeping it all straight in my head; who is coming home when and leaving again when, please?
  • Garry has backstreet boys stuck in my head. *BLAH*
  • bleh. 32/36 on the adv asian practical and 90/100 on the written. i want my grade report already!
  • 0045 ~ just got home. end week 21. i work with some pretty crazy amazing people. and their hugs make everything better. ^_^
  • i don’t know why the chronicles of prydain suddenly popped into my head.. but there you go.
  • DARK CHOCOLATE KIT KAT?!!??! oh. my. gosh. WIN.
  • totally doing the reddit secret santa every year from now on. this was so much fun!!!
  • can You hear when we call? / there, where we fall / standing, our backs against the wall / top of our lungs / hallelujah / where pain and love bleed into one… take these broken streets / take these broken dreams / hold my hand…
  • Daddy’s bday today, and Mom and Dad’s 22nd anniversary ♥ Mass and brunch with the fam before work :D :D :D
  • 0027 ~ home from day 80. my peace offering was rejected. fail. oh well. Anna Webb + Anna Moi + Adam Cronstein = too much fun. *clears throat*
  • perfectly, perfectly lovely saturday, spent with perfectly wonderful people. life is so beautiful. mGbp.
  • i close my eyes and go back in time / you were just a child then, and so was i / we were so young, we had no fear / we were so young, we had no idea / that nothing lasts forever / nothing lasts forever / you and me together / were always now or never / can you hear me?
  • “The greatest destroyer of peace is abortion because if a mother can kill her own child, what is left for me to kill you and you to kill me? There is nothing between.” -Mother Teresa
  • take all of your so-called problems / better put ’em in quotations / even if your hands are shaking / and your faith is broken / even as the eyes are closing / do it with a heart wide open / say what you need to say ♥
  • need a laugh?
  • ♥ Michelle ~ Eric ~ Kit ~ Jared ~ Bob ~ Anna ~ Adam ~ DougSami ♥
  • day 83 = meh.
  • it just wasn’t meant to be ~ “i am tired and hungry and totally useless”
  • ~ And in fine, be ye all of one mind, having compassion one of another, being lovers of the brotherhood, merciful, modest, humble: Not rendering evil for evil, nor railing for railing, but contrariwise, blessing: for unto this you are called, that you may inherit a blessing. ~ mGbp
  • oh, the things that amuse this household. =)
  • MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!! :D :D :D :D
  • ♥ Happy Birthday, Mama Prosperidad ♥
  • Tricky Chris Alvin Lokoh
  • just introduced my family to ice wine. win =)
  • HYPED for Avengers and Retaliation. but Ghost Protocol was aiight xD
  • jamm session with mommy, ninong, and unc =)
  • sosososooooo anxious to see Stephanie and BradStevebetter not have forgotten he promised, too.
  • Nino-boy is threeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!! Mass and brunch with the fam to celebrate before work =)
  • “eggnog will turn pepper into chocolate mint” – chris yards ~ day 87 lolz
  • the plan *was* to get as much sleep as possible before this thirteen-, fourteen-, maybe fifteen-? hour shift, but my inner alarm clock isn’t in sync with my phone, thus depriving me of at least an hour of much-needed sleep. well, here goes nothing. HAPPY NEW YEAR! off to day 88. i’ll be home in 2012. <3 For Who You Are ~ Hillsong United ~ mGbp <3

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