Days 59, 60, and 61

Rant first or rant later? Eh.

I don’t think it would be wise to tell anyone that I actually liked the combination of white shirts and jeans. There’s just something about guys in white; Mom and I love Daddy and Nino in white. But apparently no one else liked it particularly; Yards was always saying it made him look like a cowboy. *shrug* At any rate, they’ve gone to black on black, and they’re all happy. And much as I did honestly appreciate the white, I can’t get over how fly black on black looks. I suppose, in retrospect, there were certain individuals that I preferred to see in specific black collared shirts. Why am I blogging about this…

I’ll put off the ranting for as long as I can. I’m not particularly angry now, just miffed, because I think I have a right to be.

Wednesday and yesterday were short; I basically went in to prep, and that was pretty much it. I missed some things on Wednesday which I received texts concerning hours later and which felt absolutely horrible about and I apologized for first thing on Thursday, said apologies were accepted most graciously and mildly on the whole; Ais then spent the first half of the night being thankful and telling Anna how absolutely horrible and pessimistic Ais was throughout all of all-day-Chem-Thursday and coming in to work, and then Jared being so awesome that Ais could cry.

Speaking of Chem, here I was at my station balancing equations and whatnot, and Adam comes over and looks over my shoulder for a bit and starts commenting. BOOM. Adam’s major makes itself known. Lol. So then he starts showing me all sorts of random stuff about half life and how you can predict how fast reactions will occur etc. etc. Clearly those are the things he is particularly excited about, because it was ridiculously beyond anything I’ve studied so far. It’s always so infectious and inspiring when what someone is passionate about is revealed unexpectedly.

Jason’s kid-at-Christmas face made a reappearance yesterday. Twice, actually, which was nice; it’s been a while. Oh, and goodness! I forgot to blog about Saturday… Jason had just said, “There’s no such thing as a stupid question,” and then we were packing up and getting ready to head out and I asked him to check if I’d put enough ice in the lexans because Jared had told me to put a sh*t-ton, and Jason comes out of the walk-in and says, “Well that was a stupid question… Dammit, I just told you there was no thing as a stupid question, didn’t I?!” “You deserved that.” “You planned it that way?” I just laughed.

Pax was officially, directly, deliberately, with-complete-sentences-ly established between Yards and myself on Thursday. He said he had had to start being nice anyway so that I would continue to cut apples and bread for him. And then Sam tossed some kosher salt at him and told him to not be salty. Oh, how I love these guys.

I told Yards about the Elektra fantasy. “I haven’t decided yet if you should be McCabe.” “Well, what does he do?” “He dies.” “You’re so nice, Aisa…”

Ricky Bobby’s starting at MCI on Wednesday, so of course Sam and I went into this whole get-this-teacher-and-don’t-get-this-teacher thing. I was heading down with proteins and I heard Sam say to Rob that I knew every person in the school and he didn’t know half the people I was talking about. Comes of working in Receiving.

Alright, I’ve put off the ranting long enough. Basically, Yards was talking about someone still breastfeeding a four year old being weird, and I came in with, “Actually…” because I did have something serious to say on the subject, but I didn’t get any farther, because that one word was taken and the joke was turned on me. I don’t really feel like outlining the entire situation here, but I was ranting to Matt when he was walking me out to the car, and he said I shouldn’t have taken it, and that I should’ve yelled at some people for picking on me just because I’m the girl in the kitchen. He didn’t seem to think that it had anything to do with the age difference. I got a, “You know we’re just joking, right, Ais?” and a “Sorry,” tossed out in passing, but I’m still miffed. Maybe the reason I’m not making friends is because I don’t particularly like people who are perfectly willing to take my silly sorries and other nonsense deliberately intended to elicit general amusement, but shut me up as soon as I actually have something of substance to contribute to a conversation.

And actually, Matt was joking about something the other week which I completely forget now, but I told him, “No. I get that enough from __.” Sam was at the window and saying I was in a kitchen full of guys and I should be used to it, and I told them both that, no, there are some things that I shouldn’t have to take. I don’t care if they’re just joking. Matt was gracious enough to acknowledge my point.

Well, off to end week 17 in a bit. Peace.


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