Day 55

I’ve got a draft going on weeks 13, 14, and 15, plus a bunch of brain dumping stuff, but some laughs ought to be documented before I forget them. Let’s see…

I was hunting for the chocolate fork in its usual home.

Ricky Bobby: What are you looking for?
me: The… chocolate… thingy… that’s usually in Jared’s thing of stuff…
Ricky Bobby: Thingy and stuff. So specific, Ais.
me: I mean… you know… the chocolate fork, that’s in-
Ricky Bobby: The short third pan-
me: Of Jared’s equipment! And it’s not here.
Ricky Bobby: You know, the worst part about that whole thing was that I understood exactly what you were talking about.
me: Like the time I spoke in Filipino and you understood what I was saying.

I went downstairs, and I thought that was the end of it, but Ricky Bobby came down and told me about a girl he used to work with, and apparently they worked together for so long that she would say ‘thingy’ and ‘stuff’ constantly and he would always know exactly what she was saying. I tried to explain that we do that all the time in Tagalog, but all Ricky Bobby managed to gather from that was that Filipinos are very ambiguous. Which is not what I was going for at all, you understand, but… well. Fail on my part, I suppose.

My shortness is still constantly emphasized. So much for Zach’s, “We don’t call people short here; we say ‘vertically challenged.'” Hmph. Maybe when he was around.

Not yesterday, but last week, I was reaching for the parchment paper which is on the top shelf and on top of a bunch of stuff, and I do have to stand on my tiptoes and ease sheets out of the box with my fingertips, but honestly. I haven’t asked for anyone’s help since the first time. Anyway… I was reaching for parchment, and Jason comes behind and says in passing, “Hey, you’re getting pretty good at that.” I made a face. And then yesterday, I was sorting bowls so that they would fit together more nicely on top of the oven, and I had the two biggest bowls that go on the top shelf that I have to stand on a milk crate to reach, and Jared took them from me before I could do anything with them and reached over my head to put them away. Blaahh.

Jared called me a baby hyena last Saturday. And then he said I seemed giddy yesterday. It’s always the little things… I can’t remember what I was laughing at, but I was walking past Jared and I heard him imitating me.

We’re back to the thank you/sorry routine. All. Night. Long.

I was slightly in the way of the door and I didn’t realize that Jared was behind me and waiting for me to move, and I apologized profusely, but then I heard Jared swearing because I kept saying sorry.

Jared: One of these days, girl, I’m gonna make you sorry-
me: Yeah, yeah, I know, but I’m sorry! Do you… do you need me to help with anything?
Jared: I need you to stop being sorry!

And then in the middle of service, we were making salads for a party of eight…
Jared: I’m just going to snap at you one of these days, like, “Stop being sorry for everything!” It will be random, you won’t be expecting it.
me: I… think I can take that…

Ricky Bobby was doing something at garde, I went downstairs, and when I came back, garde was open.

me: What is this?
Ricky Bobby: What?
me: Why… why is it open?
Ricky Bobby: I was eating stuff!

I lost it. Ricky Bobby went back to some order and then turned back to me and I was still laughing – really couldn’t help it – and demanded, “What???” That just made me laugh harder.

OH SNAP. The British accent. Apparently someone said to Adam, “Could I trouble you for a spot of butter?” Well, Adam and I were going on, back and forth, in pseudo British accents for the rest of the night, and I guess I accidentally kept a bit of it when I went to the kitchen and asked something of Ricky Bobby and Jared. They started teasing and Jared started on the accent and said something in which the only word I caught was “guv’nah,” but it was enough.

I guess I had flour on my face, and that caused… a spot of amusement… courtesy of Jared. *rme*

My own private amusement which I did not get around to sharing with anyone; it came to me in the middle of service last night while watching Jared and Ricky Bobby work: Jared is Tattoo, no question about that. I thought the rest of it out driving home and decided that Jason is Kirigi, new Kayla is Typhoid (Matt would understand that one), old Kayla’s The Treasure, Chuck’s Stone, and I haven’t decided yet if Yards or Doug should be McCabe. I’m Elektra, naturally =)

Kayla was with us on Saturday, and I switched out with her very early in the night to finish tarts and make peanut butter and pumpkin pie gelato. I came upstairs for whisks and to ask for the spice recipe for the pumpkin pie gelato. I was greeted with, “There she is!” “Where you been, girl?” “You still work here?” “She’s downstairs practicing numchucks.” The last was from Jared. I ran with it this time. “Yeah, you’ll come downstairs and there’ll be a bunch of holes in the wall.” Jason’s face when I said that was great. Last night, I plated mousses up for the party and the ticket came up after they’d already gone out. Jared gave me the yellow slip. “You can rip that one up.” “Or… could I tape it up and practice on it?” “Practice… what?” “You know…” *gesticulates* “You could take Matt outside and practice.” “What…? Why??

… to be continued….


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