Days 41 and 42

Ricky Bobby: Do you have a Joseph shirt?
me: What?
Ricky Bobby: First you were wearing a Jesus shirt, and now you’re wearing a Mary shirt. Do you have a Joseph shirt?
me: No…
Ricky Bobby: What, you don’t like Joseph??? (*very demanding tone* mind you)
me: Of course I do…
Ricky Bobby: You’re discriminating against Joseph? You have a Jesus shirt and a Mary shirt and you don’t have a Joseph shirt? Joseph went through a LOT. His life sucked.
me: What do you mean, it sucked??
Ricky Bobby: He had a family to take care of that he didn’t even give birth to! (I thought that was weirdly worded.)
me: He was foster-father to God, how does that suck??
Ricky Bobby: True. But it was very challenging.
me: Well, yeah, sure, but still.
Ricky Bobby: So how come you don’t have a Joseph shirt??
me: Ok, look, I’mma go clock out and then we’re having this discussion. *clocks out and returns*
Jared: Hasta la byebye. Time for you to go.
me: I’m off the clock… I promise I’m not standing here chit chatting on the clock…

We – Ricky Bobby and I – ended up discussing the Immaculate Conception, how Mary was the Ark of the Covenant, the implications for Joseph from the perspective of Judaism with regards to Mary if Jesus really was(Is) the Son of God… good talk.

I can’t wait to get to work tomorrow and tell him I found a Joseph shirt. It’ll be the first thing I say to him – partly because we supposedly already said hi for Saturday.

Ricky Bobby: SUP, Ais.
me: … That’s the second time you’ve said hi today…
Ricky Bobby: Then I guess I don’t have to say it tomorrow. I’m getting a head start.
me: Except I’m not here tomorrow…

‘Course I had to tell Jason as soon as I had a minute yesterday that I’ve narrowed down my birthday weapons list to 22, and I just have to eliminate one more… I was super excited about the cyclone star that comes apart into three stars. Jason kinda killed that one by asking if it came apart in the air after you threw it… and I said no… and he’s like, “Oh,” in a slightly dejected, that’s-so-not-cool tone. Hmph. I forgot to tell him about the steel cards, and I’ll probably forget tomorrow. Oh well.

Josh and Emily came out to eat last night!!! It was to celebrate Emily’s birthday, which was Tuesday =) They loved everything and I was immensely gratified on behalf of everyone to hear it. Nick just texted me an hour ago to let me know that he’s thinking of bringing Jennifer in on Wednesday. Did I mention Shannon came out to eat during Restaurant Week? She called me Aurora and I guess Doug wasn’t entirely sure who she meant until she pointed. That was funny.

Yards and Ricky Bobby and I were debating which is better, Kill Bill I or II. They both said they liked II better, and I very firmly love I, but then…
Ricky Bobby: I saw the second one first.
me: Oh, I guess that would explain it. I mean, granted when she pulls out that other eye…
Ricky Bobby: Yeah, exactly.
me: Nah. I still like the first better.
Ricky Bobby: Which one did she fight the Crazy 88 in, was that the second?
me: Crazy 88’s at House of Blue Leaves, that’s the first one.
Ricky Bobby: Oh. Then maybe I like the first one better.

I was trying to explain to Yards about kusari fundo.
Yards: That thing that Gogo’s swinging?
me: No.. that thing that Yubari swings is huge, you can’t hide it in your shirt.
Yards: So… it’s numuchucks.
me: Noooo, it’s a much longer chain and the weights are small; nunchucks are generally 8 to 12 inches long and have about 3 to 4 inches of chain.

Speaking of which, I showed Josh and John the video last Tuesday. It began with John’s military stories, especially ones about coconuts.

I find myself terribly anxious for Tuesdays now… the UC Honors Lounge is a floor below my morning Tuesday class, so I head straight there afterwards to hang out with Josh until his class at 11 which is in the building next door, and then he gets out at noon and I join him for lunch until it’s time for me to leave at 1 to catch my 2 o’clock class at Raymond Walters. This past Tuesday, in the hour that Josh was in class, I went to MCI to see Steve. It was so random and completely unplanned, but I hadn’t seen Steve since his birthday, and I was getting fidgety. So I shot him a text to let him know I’d be around.

I realized this past summer that I get fidgety when I don’t see at least one out of Steve, Steffy, or Brad for a while. I thought I knew how much I love them, but when summer term started, I found that it upset me to be on campus on the same day as Brad and missing him by an hour, or two, or three, because his class started ages after the kids’ camps wrapped up. It’s just too provoking, having a three-and-a-half hour break on Tuesdays and Stevo only being ten minutes away. It was such a relief to just be there with him – he wasn’t even smoking- to reminisce and commiserate over the old and familiar and rant and rave and thrill over the new and uncharted. Not to mention the goodbye bear hugs I’ve been getting since mid-summer are the absolute best bear hugs since bear hugs were invented. He said I ought to come see him every Tuesday… and I do believe I will. It might be for two minutes and it might be for twenty, I know, but with an entirely new campus on top of a relatively new job and all the stress that goes with it… Tuesdays are going to be my Kuya Josh and Stevo days. They’re going to be worth it, and I need them desperately this quarter.

Anyway, Wednesday was a good day. It felt something like the first Wednesday night that I worked with just Jared and Rob. And I didn’t get told off for asking too many questions this time =) Yesterday was not quite as great, and I firmly believe that it’s because Jason left early for a change. ‘Nuff said.

Overall pax with Yards continues, and frankly it’s worth noting. Granny Smith apple scrap love will do it, I guess.

Day 43 in… a little over 12 hours… and I… feel like I could sleep for a week…


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