Just the *tiniest* bit of procrastination…

I know, I know, I’m crazy. I’ve got a co-op application, two days worth of Latin homework, prep sheets, a pre-lab, and a lab analysis due this week on top of studying for a chem exam and two latin quizzes; back to work tomorrow which gives me roughly four-ish hours of downtime when I will definitely not be driving anywhere to complete all this, so what on earth am I doing blogging?

It’s just this – I love it when other people come up with all the ideas for hanging out. Tacitly establishes the mutuality of the friendship, you know? I stole Stevo from Receiving for almost twenty minutes – sorry Jay – haven’t seen him since his birthday, catchup and bear hug was much needed, but the best part was his proposal that he and Steffy and I have dinner at the Dearborn sometime. “We’re going to Aurora, Indiana just to have dinner where Bradley works??” “Yeah, why not? It’s only an hour away.” “Yeah, great… so when are you and Steffy and Bradley going to come eat where I work?” I wasn’t entirely kidding, but it’s brilliant. And I am happy. I have the best friends anyone could ever ask for.

And that is all =)


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