Frankly, I’m too exhausted from today to blog about day 35 which wasn’t the best, anyway; days 33 and 34 were fine, but today – the whole day, from waking up 2 hours and 21 minutes too late and being twenty minutes late for class instead of being an hour early, to class to work to school again to JJ’s to home to text messages that have rendered me more than slightly out of sorts – I just can’t blog about today, today. But I do want to share very briefly four things that I discovered in this past week that I think say volumes about what kind of super amazing friends I have. Apparently…

  • I am comfortable enough with the homeschool guys that a rather random last-minute caffeine session with them is considered an event to be repeated;
  • I can sit and chit-chat with Steffy for three hours straight and still be thinking of a million last-minute things to say while trying to say goodbye;
  • I can call Martha and beg to be allowed over to her house for a quick and desperate shower; and
  • I can talk to Kuya Nick on the phone for an hour.

I believe these all to be key revelations, and mGbp forever and always.


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