Days 31 and 32

This post will be, I think, mostly conversations. They’re worth recording; they’re too funny. But then, they’re probably the sort of conversations that you would have to have been there to really appreciate. Still, for my own documentation to be reading when I need laughs ten years from now =)


Earlier last week, taco salad was up in the window. Ricky Bobby brought it to my attention, and kindly told me that it had cheese.

Ricky Bobby: Can you eat it? Will you die?
me: Is it cold or warm?
Ricky Bobby: Um, room temperature? What does that have to do with it?
me: I’m just wondering. Actually, it has sour cream, too, doesn’t it?

I guess it’s my own fault for following a question with a totally unrelated question, but on Saturday, there were cheese sticks in the window.

Jared: Ais, there’s mozzarella sticks.
Ricky Bobby: They’re warm, not cold, so you can eat them, right?
Jared: I don’t get it.
Ricky Bobby: Apparently, she can only have cheese if it’s warm. She’ll die if it’s cold.

I really couldn’t explain for laughing. That happened a lot on Friday/Saturday. And I’m still laughing as I type all this up.


Downstairs prepping with Chief and Jason, Jason and I at one table, Chief at the other –

Chief: Ais. You’re not angry, are you, Ais?
me: I don’t know, Chief, am I turning green?

I guess he didn’t hear me properly. Jared came downstairs.

Chief: She’s turning Korean.
Jared: What??
me: What?!
Chief: That’s what you said, you’re turning Korean.
me: *barely able to speak, choking on laughter* No- no! I didn’t say that…
Chief: That’s what you said, Ais, are you turning Korean?
me: Jason- help me out here!
Jason: I believe she said ‘green,’ Chief…
Chief: *not paying attention* I don’t know what’s going on, but she’s turning Korean.
Jared: Which part? North or South? North – wouldn’t she have to turn communist?
Chief: Oh, yeah, I guess she would.

It goes on for a while, I’m doubled over, leaning on the table and trying to catch my breath, and just when I think I’ll be able to get back to work, they all start saying “AMERICA” [starting with Jared] with a slight drawl and I’m doubled over again.


I was explaining to Chief and Jared how the first step in Lola’s lecheflan was coating the bottom and trying to coat the sides of the container in caramel (no, I did not detail the actual recipe, I am a very good Azucena), and I was explaining my concern that if I were to make it in those 4 oz ramekins, that the caramel would keep cooking and turn bitter as I tried to pour it into all those ramekins and tilt them all to coat them…

Jared: Well, you could have someone help you, right?
me: I mean.. I guess…
Jared: You have friends here.
me: I do?
Jared: Yeah. Jason and Furball.
me: Who…?!
Jared: Furball. Doug.
me: Oh. Thanks.
Jared: Yup, no problem. Anytime.


On Friday, Jared did something for me, can’t remember what, but it was probably saving my skin, as usual.

me: Thanks, Jared! You’re the best!
Jared: No, not really.

Later, when service was about to start, I guess I said more or less the same thing to Jason.

Jared: What? Hang on, I thought I was the best?
me: Well, you’re the best, too…
Jared: There can’t be two bests! Is Ricky Bobby the best, too??
me: What, no, of course not-
(Ricky Bobby: Ouch.)
me: Well, when I say you’re the best, you say you’re not, so doesn’t that cancel it out?


Ah, ah, did I mention I is has a red neckerchief? Jason lent it to me. So HAPPY. I guess my excitement was pretty evident, because Jared felt the need to tell me to “Woah, hey, simmer down over there.” “But it’s so prettyyy!


So Jared was right behind me while prepping downstairs on Friday. Chief said something to get me to say something about Jared (he’d come down twice already in the last hour and a half and found the subject of mine and Chief’s conversation to be himself), and all I said was that he was awesome before I sensed a presence leaning slightly over my left shoulder, turned, and naturally burst out laughing. “Still talking about me?” “Yes, of course.” Hey, I hadn’t said anything I was embarrassed or ashamed of.

The next day, I was wearing my Who’s Your Hero? shirt that Paco and Dad brought me back from Steubie, and I guess Jared made some comment on it that I didn’t hear over the dishwasher, which I was standing right next to before moving over to garde where I was during the conversation that followed.

Ricky Bobby: Who’s your hero?
me: Say wha?
Jared: It’s me, right?
me: Wait… I think you said something earlier that I didn’t hear…
Ricky Bobby: He said, “I read your shirt.”
me: My… Oh! Yeah… no… what… gotcha.
Ricky Bobby: So who’s your hero?
Jared: Is it Ricky Bobby?
me: No…
Ricky Bobby/Jared: Oh, ouch.

Chief came upstairs.

Jared: Ask her who her hero is.
Ricky Bobby: It’s Jared.
Chief: Aw, Ais, is Jared your hero?
me: There’s more on the back of my shirt, Chief.


Oh, this one was from ages back, I guess I forgot to record it:

Zach: When’s your birthday?
me: March.
Zach: Wow, the whole month? *to Ricky Bobby* Hey, her birthday’s March. Like, all of it.
Ricky Bobby: All of it?
Zach: Must’ve been a really special birth. *back to me* It’s like when people say, “Spring,” and I’m like, “Really? The whole season?”


We got white chocolate in block form instead of callets, so I was cutting chocolate for mousse and being annoyed at the chocolate for being so difficult =)

Jared: You need to numchuck it.
me: …Whaaatt??
Jared: Numchuck it. *demonstrates with air “numchucks”*
me: No, I mean, what did you call it???
Jared: Isn’t that what you do?
me: It’s nuNchucks! *Jared is already walking away* It’s N not M, you’re saying it wrong! *Jared is already upstairs*
Jason: Wait, nuNchucks, as in, like, nuns, like those religious people?
me: Yes-

Everyone else (Sam, Chief, Jason) is laughing at this point and my protests falling on deaf ears.

During service, there was absolutely nothing leading up to it; Jared just randomly turned to me and said, “Numchucks.” I guess I failed trying to look both amused and murderous at the same time. “That really bothers you, doesn’t it?” “Yes.

It doesn’t, actually; I find it terribly amusing, but pretending to be frustrated gets laughs out of everyone else, and it’s been so wonderful laughing so much this past week, in spite of it being rather bumpy with Restaurant Week and all my mistakes on top of all that implies.


I think I wanted Jared to check the ganache; I’d increased the cream per his instructions. He said to give him a second, walked over to the sink behind garde, and then started walking back, but while he was over at the sink, Ricky Bobby had started using the immersion blender. It’s terribly blurry in this picture, but the point was the cord which is hanging across the line and which prevented Jared from getting back to his station where he would have been able to reach through the window to check the ganache. He ended up walking around to my station and tried to put his hand in the way while I was taking this picture.


On my very first day, we established that Ricky Bobby and Yards were raised Catholic. Now, me not being satisfied with this information, especially when volunteered in a somewhat sportive manner by the latter, I tried my hand at the following curve ball:

me: Yep, Catholic. Western rite, but I’m open to Eastern.
Yards: I don’t… What does that mean?
me: Eastern-rite Catholics? Some slight differences… More iconic, for example.
Zach: Ais. Ricky Bobby here can probably follow you, but you’ve lost him (Yards). You can’t use big words with this guy.

Experiment successful. Not that I’m actually well-versed on the practices of our Eastern rite brothers and sisters, but the attempted curve ball served its purpose, and I wasn’t lying; I am very much interested in becoming better-versed in the Eastern rite.

Fast-forward to this past weekend, two words: Bible History! =) I have no idea where it began, I wasn’t listening at all to what was going on on the other side of the window, but at some point I heard, “AIS. *Ricky Bobby to Yards* I think it was Isaac. Ask Ais, she’d know. *back to me* Ais, who was the guy that God told to kill his son? Was it Abraham? Was he supposed to kill Isaac?” I was able to answer that one immediately, but the next question was, “Does it go – Abraham, Isaac, Jacob?” That one took a little longer, because the ‘Jacob’ part triggered other trains of thought and back stories as to why it was Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and not… what was it? “C’mon, Ais! Who’s your hero – Jesus! You’re supposed to know this.” Eventually, we got around to discussing Jacob and Isaac and Esau, the selling of Esau’s birthright for a bowl of soup, Rebecca helping Jacob secure Isaac’s blessing, Jacob having to go into hiding, etc. etc. etc. When we got to the selling of the birthright for soup part, Jared interjected, “A bowl of soup. What kind of soup? Potato parm…” There were multiple such interjections from Jared/Sam/Jason, mostly I-have-no-idea-what-you-guys-are-talking-about interjections, but that’s ok. We persevered in our conversation until Ricky Bobby and I (not sure if Yards was still listening at this point) were on the same page. Win.


What I really need to blog about is the excellent dinner at Daveed’s which I had the wonderful opportunity to share with my parents on Thursday. We were more than taken care of; we were pampered, and it was a truly wonderful experience. Unfortunately, all the photos are on Daddy’s phone, and I really don’t want to attempt a narrative without them…

Besides, it’s time to get to bed, school starts up again tomorrow. Yeek.

My first class is Latin… I’m glad to be getting back to it again =)

Peace out.


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