Weeks 6 and 7

Highlight of my week 6: Ms. Hunley came by and surprised me! =) I turned from a cheese plate to her smiling face at my shoulder. I miss everything about THE so much… I don’t think I’m going to find anything quite like it at UC. Anyway, it was entirely random (Ms. Hunley’s visit) and I was thrilled. She is truly the most supportive advisor/instructor I have encountered since my own dear mother.

Both week 6 and week 7 were short for me. I’m obviously not at work today, I was home early this past Wednesday, and off the Wednesday before. I didn’t have to be in until 3 this past Thursday, so I went to hang out in Receiving for a bit and made Stevo deal with a sudden quarter-life crisis =) It wasn’t anything that terribly serious. It was just one of those conversations where one just wants to get all the random, weird, unusual thoughts out of one’s head and out into the open, and then they stop bothering you, or at least the scale on which they have been invading and distracting you has been reduced to a much more insignificant degree. Note that I say more insignificant and not less significant; I worded that exactly as I truly wanted and meant it to be. Anyway… Stevo, accommodating and supportive and positive as usual, sent me off to work calm, collected, and smiling.

Highlight of my week 7: Ate Candice and Kuya Vin came for dessert on Thursday! =) They had the tart and the semifreddo. I was HAPPY, to say the least. They waited for me to clean up and all that jazz, and I didn’t get home until 0130, haha. Chief was still there when I left, and normally I don’t change out of my usual black shirt and pants, but I’d switched into a skirt and was admonished to “DRINK COFFEE!” as I was literally headed out the door. I don’t think he heard me replying that I would be good, and I don’t think I had made it clear that I was hanging out with extremely responsible people in a completely clean setting (Starbucks and BWs), because yesterday, Chief suddenly announced to the prep area, “Aisa went to a bar last night. Right, Ais?” “Woah, Ais.” “Uh oh!” “Wait, you’re not old enough to drink, are you, Ais?” “Not in the United States.” That last was me and that was muttered.

The TRUTH is, I got off work a lot earlier than usual, something like 10ish, and we walked to the Bow Tie Cafe, but it was closed by that time. Ate Candice was texting Ate Joyce and Kuya Richard, and we decided to go to Starbucks in Kenwood. Ate rode with me, and we sat inside until we were very politely told that they were closing in five, at which point we simply moved to the tables outside and stayed there until well after the staff had closed up and left. Then we went to BWs to join Ate Joyce and Kuya Richard for their late [post-memorial service] dinner, and were the last table there. We finally all headed home at around 0100. Good times =) We talked about work and school and wine and people, and the only thing missing was a guitar. And yes, the Kuyas had beer. I had a decaf cinnamon dolce soy latte.

I gots to make pineapple sorbet that tastes like green mango. Just a tiny scoop with tons of salt… *sigh* It would be heaven.

The white chocolate mousse is officially my new favorite dessert. It’s absolutely amazing in every way possible. I simply cannot convey its awesomeness. You’ll have to come have some to even begin to comprehend its augustness.

me: Funnily enough, I havent been reprimanded yet for singing.
Brad: Hmm, im sure it will come up. Lol
me: It probably will since youre so sure, mr. Psych major.
Brad: Oh please I never finished that major.

That was actually almost a month ago – off by six days – but I still haven’t been reprimanded, exactly, just asked what the weird noises were from the other side of the fan. Apparently, only the high notes make it over the wall, so when I’m singing something like The Chain, the only words carrying are back, are shift-, fit, -not seem, away, and you come. I have no doubt that in those shoes, I would think it sounded really weird, too… I just [mentally] laughed it off. (It would never have done to laugh heartily out loud.)

So, Jason goes, “Hey, you haven’t said any big words lately.” I can’t remember what I said, I probably didn’t have the presence of mind to be either snarky or smart. Incredulousness and indignance overwhelm me at the most inconvenient times. I think the conversation continued something along the lines of Jason protesting that he wasn’t the one reprimanding me in the first place.

Jason and Ricky Bobby continue to be the cause of infinite amusement. Ricky Bobby was doing something with beef, can’t remember what exactly, but Jason said he was craving beef tartare, and Ricky Bobby got sooo sarcastic, it was hilarious; “Beef tartare. You’re craving beef tartare. Who craves beef tartare?? (I do, right now. – Jason) People crave for things like chocolate and [a few other things that I cannot recall], not beef tartare. That’s so weird-” “Hey. I crave fetal duck eggs, ok?” I really couldn’t resist inserting myself, it was too good of an opportunity to pass up.

I guess Chief didn’t know where I was, didn’t realize that I wasn’t currently standing right behind him at the other prep table, and had asked me a question while I was not there… The point is, when I did make it back to the prep area, Jared was pseudo-answering for me in a ridiculously high-pitched falsetto. I’m still not entirely sure what I walked in on.

PERFECT xkcd that I really connected with the split-second I saw it and that, if I were at a point now at work that I had reached some months into Receiving, I would post shamelessly somewhere on my station [during prep hours only, of course]:

It is currently my profile picture on Facebook. The endless patience continues, but so do the walls with their temperamental arrow slits. It’s like a bipolar Room of Requirement.



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