“Is it a fate baby, Ate?”

The question is, did I know he was waking up, or did he know I was coming?

Mother woke me this morning before she and Yena left for JJ’s, and I just went back to sleep. I don’t know how long I slept for, but I just felt compelled to get up and move to Mom and Dad’s room, and as I walked in, I heard the little one stirring. We reached the edge of the bed at the same time, and up go his little arms.

I guess I didn’t sleep for that long; Mom and Yena were still there, so I danced the little boy around until I heard the garage door. JJ’s opens at 8, so I’m guessing it was 7 something. He seemed pretty himbing, so I chanced to pile pillows up and lie back down. He shifted a three times in the course of the following hour-something, but he let me sleep until five to 9, at which point he woke quietly and wanted to be brought downstairs. Downstairs we went, accordingly, but when we reached the sala, he simply asked where Mother was, heard that she was at JJ’s with Ate Yena, and suddenly turned back towards me and settled himself on my shoulder again. I asked if he wanted breakfast and if he wanted me to go upstairs or stay downstairs, no reply.

Back up the stairs we went, and all the while he was limp. When he’s awake and just wanting to be hugged in that position, he usually swings his legs (sometimes almost throwing me off-balance). When we reached Mommy’s room, I asked again if he wanted to eat, but he seemed asleep, so back to sleep we both went, though he shifted a bit until I started rubbing his back. He let me sleep for another half hour.

It’s been a long time since he fit on my chest.

With his head in the same place as this picture, his feet now reach my knees. He’s not a baby anymore. =( He’s a little person.

This little person can walk 90% of the way around the block without tiring and asking to be carried. We went on a walk a couple days ago, just the two of us, and the first thing that got him really excited was his shadow. The sun was catching us a different angles as we went ’round, of course, and he was forever twisting and turning (because he was holding my hand) to see where his shadow was. “My sadow is fowwowing me?” “Yes, your shadow is following you.” Sometimes we would pass beneath rows of trees. “Oh no! Wew is my sadow?” “Your shadow is hiding. Look! We have to go to where the sun is, so that your shadow will come out.” “My sadow is ovew dew?” “Yes, your shadow is over there.”

Nino always wants to stop when he hears or sees a dog. Except, I couldn’t explain to him about echoes. One dog was barking and his bark would echo. “Dew is two dods?” “No, Nino, there is one dog; that’s an echo.” “Dew is two echo dods?” I’m not experienced enough yet to have enough imagination to be able to explain echoes to a two-and-a-half year-old, apparently.

Whenever he got distracted by pebbles or dogs or flowers and such, I would let him be for a little while, and then tell him that Mother was waiting for us to get back so that he would keep going. I didn’t realize right away that he doesn’t yet have a concept of going around; he kept on wanting to go back the way we came to get back to the house. Oo nga naman, eh! Hahaha. Smart kid. It took a lot of coaxing to get him to keep moving forward.

The best part (or worst, depending on how you look at it) was when we passed a mother pushing her son in a stroller and walking a dog. “Hi doddy! (To me:) Ate, is it a fate baby?” (He can’t say “k”; for those of you wondering, he was trying to say fake.) “What?? No, iho, it’s a real baby!” “It a real fate baby?” “No, no, Nino! It’s a real baby, a real baby boy!” “No, it a fate baby.” I couldn’t understand where this was coming from. I still don’t. It was funny when they were across the street, but we passed them again when we were closer to home, and this time we were on the same side of the street. Again, Nino greeted the dog, and then asked if it was a fake baby. Why?! I didn’t know how the mother would take it, I was trying so hard not to laugh… And then we got Nino to tell Daddy about the “fake baby” at dinner. “Yeah, it a fate baby.” His use of inflection is absolutely hilarious. So matter-of-fact.

Then, this morning, when he finally did feel like eating breakfast, he was telling me something about Daddy and the car, and I wonder if it was a dream. He told me that Daddy was very angry and he took the car to work, and then Daddy came home, but then the car went to work (by itself? I guess?), and Daddy followed the car (he said Daddy was behind the car), and the car opened and closed by itself.

Oh, Nino-boy.





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