Days 15 and 16

Jason and Ricky Bobby bicker like Paco and Migi. I said so. “Did you hear that, Jason? She said you’re like her little brother.” “I’m pretty sure she said two little brothers.” “No, nope, she definitely said it was all you.” I forgot to blog last week about Jason slipping ice down the back of Ricky Bobby’s shirt collar. Yep. Pretty amusing…

I stopped by MCI yesterday to drop off some letters and such, kill some time in Receiving, so on and so forth. I highly appreciate walking in and being wordlessly invited to walk right out again for a sidebar. Had to knife hand Stevo for the first time ever. My grounds for doing so were legit – the subject upon which I was being provoked was entirely unnecessary and the jabs rather tasteless – but I was surprised to find immediately afterwards that it did not satisfy. I would have preferred not to have had the legitimate reason in the first place. Still, I bluffed through it with a threat to bruise the other arm. He knows it. I daresay he forgave me, though, because I also got the biggest hug I’ve gotten yet from him, sending me off to work in as the best mood one could hope for.

So much sarcasm! as states my latest fb status on work. Ricky Bobby’s sarcasm equals Bradley’s. It’s unnerving sometimes, but also strangely comforting in its similarity. I enjoy it, though that probably exasperates him more. It’s like being schooled in everything street. TANGENT. I found the following a couple weeks back and tagged Brad and Stevo in a note, couldn’t pass it up:

It was a Wednesday night, Brad and I were closing up and Stevo was skipping Spanish class. After Kevin walked out, I was all *grrrrrr* and Stevo started going on about how I shouldn’t take that from him and how I had to be harsh and how he and Brad were “schooling you in everything street, Aurora!” … Epic fail. I said something to the effect that the “schooling” was ineffective because I simply found everything amusing rather than taking any of it to heart. Brad and Stevo are so funny when they’re staring and speechless. Then again, they may not have been speechless, they may simply have been thinking how hopeless I was. Probably.

It’s the same sort of expression on Ricky Bobby’s face. Something like, you’re kidding, right? You didn’t actually just say that?  Anyway, the comments were funny. (All from Bradley, because Stevo didn’t even look at it even though he was on fb two days ago. Really? lol.)

Speaking of facial expressions, when Jason gets excited about food, the look on his face suggests an early Christmas, and it’s so terribly contagious. He was attempting to open a peach pit with a knife – well, actually, he handed me the knife to try first and I absolutely refused because it was… well… – but it was seriously not working and I edging backwards waiting for blood to flow. Fortunately, he did give up on it, and smashed it open with a meat mallet. Shards flew, but he got out the little white center which was the whole point of the experiment, and handed it to me for me to eat. Tasted exactly like Amaretto, as was expected. Bizarrely awesome. And Jason starts using all the scientific names for the chemicals.

I shouldn’t have started this post so late, but I literally have three minutes before I need to get going. Off to day 17; it’s supposed to be a quiet one.

Peace out.


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