Days 8 and 9

Searching “sunrise” on my blog reveals that I haven’t sat here on the third floor of the ATLC and watched the sun rise from the open computer lab in… 1 year, 5 months, 1 day, 23 hours, and 56 minutes. And it’s a gorgeous sunrise. Glad I made it here in time for it.

Week 3 is over, and I only worked two days, which felt strange. Thursday was not my night, to say the least, so I don’t really have anything to say about day 8. Oh! Except that Ricky Bobby’s starting at MCI in the fall =) I thought that was cool. Sam and I were discussing which classes he might find annoyingly boring and which classes he might be able to get waived… etc. etc. etc.

Day 9 was about as good as I could hope for, though, except for that the amuse had kiwi in it, so I couldn’t concur with Jason’s report regarding its deliciousness. The most annoying[-with-a-smile] thing about it was that we had established that I was allergic to kiwi when we went into the freezer to get the gelato in the first place, and then when we went upstairs, Jason still made two test amuse. He ate one and just left the other, and I was like, “What’s that?” and he replied that it was mine, and all I had the presence of mind to do was give him a look. Took him about 30 seconds to catch on. *rme*

I still haven’t pickled that watermelon rind… but I gots to make creme fraiche pancakes! which gave me an excuse to run upstairs to get the griddle. They were pretty yummy. Jared says I can work at IHOP now.

Hmmm… there’s got to be a problem with it being week 3 and me still not knowing where the light switches are. I ran downstairs to get bread and chocolate tarts after service had already started, and the lights were out. Lucky I do it all the time at home and am pretty trusting of myself in the dark. Still, I’d prefer to not be aiming for the two-foot-wide downhill that will take me to the door of the second walk-in in total darkness, and of course since there’s light behind me, it only looks that much darker. At least making one’s way back is considerably easier. But I’ve got to find out where those light switches are.

It’s going to be a long week this week. I’m working the last of this summer’s kids’ camps this week, and tomorrow through Friday, I go straight to work afterwards. On top of minimum-seventeen-hour work days for the next four days, my Business Competencies portfolio is due, week 7 homework besides, I’m supposed to be filming for the trial co-op videos I’ve been commissioned to do, and it’s Downtown Restaurant Week, which means we will be… busy…

I did not plan this week well at all =) So here we go with a smile… and a prayer… or two… or tons… that I’ll still be smiling at the end of the week. I… do plan on sleeping… but we will see how that works out.

Hey, it’s the last week that I’ll be wearing a green neckerchief. The next time I wear one, it will be red…

I’ve come to measure my performance by Jared’s pound-the-fist at the end of the night. I interpret it as, if I get to pound the fist, I did okay. Not perfect by any means, but okay. If I don’t get to pound the fist, I definitely didn’t do too great.

I guess that means Saturday was okay.

And Jared was laughing a whole lot more than usual. I think it was because Zach made a reappearance working FoH. Nice having him around again, but he called Dawn Elizabeth, and then just DE like Unc does, and then finally DEA, which I’m still not entirely sure how or when or why the A came in. All of this, of course, being shuffled with Aisinator and Aised Tea and Aisa and Ais; I think he called me something different every single time he said something to me.

What I do not recall hearing on Saturday is Ais Ais baby. Either I was too busy to notice, or it really didn’t happen.

It’s got to get old at some point, doesn’t it? but there’s this sorry/thank you thing going on with Jared. Every time I say thank you, he says sorry. 

And for some reason, too many times on Saturday was I addressing Doug and Jared thought I was talking to him. Very exasperating across the fan.

Dude man, Linguini punches back. Highlight of my night, yo =) Strange choice of highlight, I suppose, considering that the vacation station was more interesting than usual due to being “45 – 55% busy” plus good unexpected company, but it really is quite nice when one punches someone else’s shoulder in farewell and the individual in question punches one’s shoulder back with equal force.  It’s been at least… six years since any guy did that. Not since Andy and Kenzo and Todd. The most I got from Gabe/Matt/Paolo/Jon was a [ridiculously gentle] poke.


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