Day 1: Part 2 & Day 2

I know everybody’s names now, yay!

The drive home is the easy part, frankly. I’m still somewhat lost trying to get to work from school. Which I’m still calling ‘school’ at this point, but I suppose I should be getting used to not calling it that.

I take it back, I don’t think the Aisinator is going to stick. I don’t suppose I would’ve really minded either way, but as things are, I’m content, and maybe just the slightest bit relieved. And my great felicity in reverting to Aisa/Ais continues. It sounds silly trying to explain, but truly there’s some sort of thrill in hearing it from a new circle. It’s like hearing the voice of an old friend. I mean, think about it – in a way, Aisa has been on hold for two years; Stevo alone, out of everyone I’ve met since I started college, calls me Ais, and rarely at that. It’s almost like she’s been asleep and hidden away.

Laugh all you like, dears, but I count my greatest accomplishment at work so far to be learning to quenelle butter with one spoon. That was the first night. Last night, which was the second night, I also discovered I can quenelle with two spoons. I honestly think that it was just that I’d never been shown how to do so properly, hence my dread when it was the first task set to me. What if I got owned by the butter?! type of thing. When it does come up – and it looks like it will be doing so regularly, and I’m not complaining anymore – Jason has taken to reminding me that “perfect practice makes perfect,” something I haven’t heard said on a regular basis in five years.

There’s a chalkboard – yes, a chalkboard, as in we have real old-school chalk, and boy does it make me happy – upon which is written the particulars of the amuse and the butter for the night, but last night those particulars only took up the top half of the board. For the rest of the night, Kayla used the bottom half to write up conjugations and declensions in French [which she knows], Spanish [courtesy of Jaime], a couple Italian and Tagalog words (when we were comparing thank yous and your welcomes), and I believe she snuck some German in there as well. Maybe I’ll learn Spanish after all, working with these guys =)

I absolutely love the entire back of the  house setup. It’s so cozy compared to the Summit; downstairs, there’s an area that I can’t even put my arms up straight in. Unfortunately, it seems that’s the only part of the setup that wasn’t designed for tall people… Heh, I have to stand on my tip-toes to reach some things at the station I’ve been working, and I’ve had to ask for a million little things that are just. too. high. for me. Surprisingly, age-wise, I’m not the baby of the kitchen, but I am most definitely the shortest, and no amount of time will change that. Hah, and all the gloves are L or XL. Unless I just haven’t found them yet, there are NO gloves for this little lady’s hands in this kitchen.

Speaking of “little lady,” which is something I’ve only taken to occasionally referring to myself as since Bradley called me that, while chit-chatting with various people – mostly Zach and Chris – I volunteered the existence of my very long list of nicknames. Zach joked of a jacket for me with all of them embroidered on it. I said we might have to use the back as well.

At any rate, since we’re on the subject, I have my list of nicknames in front of me… Ais, Aisa, Aisitee (me, apparently), tyanak (just Mom and Dad), chani (also just Mom and Dad), Isabelle (only Kuya RJ), Aurora Borealis (only Stevo), Alice (only Stevo), Shorty McEatstoomuch (courtesy of Brad), *Dorothy* (implied by the desktop at Receiving, courtesy of Bender), iha, anak (not very often), inaanak (Ninong), babygurl (mostly only Ninong nowadays), babe (usually just Dad, occasionally Mom), little girl (Bradley), Ate, Kuya (by the Sisters), sis, Ms. Paparazzi Extreme (Paolo), evil woman (Paolo), ninja lady (Paolo), ice ice baby (can’t remember where that started, but Kenny and Master Eric at some point), Mom (various YFC-ers, Cat, Tommy, Brad), Aurora, Dawn (Catrina), Miss Aurora (Martha), kiddo (Jay? and maybe Brad and Steve), go-to-girl (Paolo), “ARARA”  or something that sounds like it when PJ feels like annoying me, little lady (Brad, as we’ve mentioned), budd-eh (Nick), and Songstress (Monty). I suppose I should add the Aisinator and Aised Tea.

Oh! Last night, Kayla said, “It’s Asia spelled backwards, now I’ll never forget it,” and I did a double take, because I’d forgotten that I used to tell people that myself when they were having trouble spelling my name. But that was back in, what, elementary school? I can’t remember the last time I said, “It’s Asia spelled backwards.” Those were my exact words.

Needless to say, I’m enjoying myself immensely, and I hope this all works out, and I hope I can stick to this place for a while, and… I’m just loving life right now.

Peace out.

OH! and Jason nods up in greeting, like a Pinoy. And we were talking about balut last night. Among other things. Fun!


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