Day 1: Part 1

I remember the last few weeks of Cooking 10, wondering what I should do with all my chef’s jackets and planning to most definitely get rid of the pants. Should I turn the jackets into… pillowcases? for sentimental purposes? was just one of the strange thoughts that ran through my mind as I stared at the six freshly laundered jackets that I didn’t even realize I had until they were all lined up next to each other. How did I get to six? I could have sworn I only had four…

And now, here I am, trying to plan for a good day to bleach them or something, since I’ll be wearing them four nights out of the week… which is more days out of the week than I’ve ever had to be in uniform since I started here at MCI in the first place, with the exception of these kids’ camps I’ve only gotten involved with this summer.

It started with that kid I mentioned in my previous post, Zac, and how he’d nicknamed me “the Aisinator.” I’d officially re-introduced myself as “Aisa” [by email] to everyone at Daveed’s and one of the sous chefs [whose name is also Zach, which is key here] asked how to pronounce it. After putting out the options of “Ais” or “Aisa,” I made the mistake of mentioning the Zac from the kids’ camp and the nickname he gave me. Yeah, guess what my official kitchen nickname is now…

I suppose I don’t actually mind too much. I just can’t help rolling my eyes at the thought of my official kitchen nickname-to-be [which is tradition, so I’ve been told] having been thought up by a twelve-year-old. Zach also called me “Ais[ed] Tea” near the end of the evening, which sounded too bizarrely like Mom and Dad’s old “Aisa-tee” for me to not to comment aloud on the similarity. And I haven’t been called Aisa-tee in years, by the way, except for a few times on facebook courtesy of Ninong, which doesn’t count at all.

Still, it’s a relief just to be going back to Ais. I just never really got used to Aurora… I had my reasons for going by it at the time – not wanting the elementary school headache of explaining my nickname to every teacher, and also wanting to forget about Ais for a little while due to its association with the high school drama and heartbreak that I suppose is necessary to growing up, among others – but as I grew closer to people, I found that I wanted to be called Ais again. It seemed a little late to expect anyone to learn a new name for me by that time, though, so after my stage, I decided to jump the gun and ask that everyone forget the one (or two) nights that they knew me as Aurora.

It seems this post will need a part 2, as I must now go clock in for my last day of kids’ camp (at least for this month). Hah, and I probably won’t be home until something like 10 or 11, and by that time, I’ll also have day 2 to blog about. Well, well. Adjustments.



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