Ninoisms 06.16.11

Feeding Nino breakfast, I’ve noticed that he uses something that sounds sometimes like “my” and sometimes like “might,” and in some cases it might actually be “might,” but in other cases, it seems as if he’s using it for “I am” or “I will.”

Nino: My dow (go) to Ate Yena now.
me: You’re not going to eat this?
Nino: No, you eat it. My dow to Ate Yena.
me: Are you going to drink your rice milk?
Nino: No, my drint (drink) it lateh (later).

He didn’t actually leave, though. He was distracted by Migi, who wanted to get his little “Halo guy.” (It’s a figurine.) He got into an argument.

Migi: I want my Halo guy.
Nino: No, it mine Haywow (Halo) duy (guy).

I took the opportunity to remind him of food.

me: Nino, are you sure you don’t want to eat now?
Nino: *sigh* Otay. (Okay.) Might dow to Ate Yena lateh.

After breakfast:

me: Ate’s going to go upstairs, do you want to come?
Nino: Yah, I dow uptayws (upstairs).
me: *seeing that he is carrying lots of toys* Do you want me to carry you?
Nino: No. I haff (have) da (the) Haywow duy and da fiy (fire) duy and da choo choo chwayn (train) and da fiy engine.

I carried him up anyway. At the top of the steps, though, he turned left and I turned right.

Nino: Wew (Where) you doin (going)?
me: To my room.
Nino: Tome (come) bat (back)! *follows me to my room* Wew it da iPod?
me: Uhm, I don’t know where the iPod is.
Nino: *approaches my desk, hunts under my chair and then looks up* “What it dat?”
me: Where? *looks behind laptop*

Nino had seen a DumDum. Ooops. Nino gets the DumDum. Ate takes it away. He doesn’t cry or try to hold onto it, just looks annoyed at me.

me: That’s bad for you.
Nino: But, but, I want it!
me: It’s not good for you, hijo. You can have chocolate ice cream later.
Nino: But, but, I want dat! *starting to get very annoyed*
me: Oh- Oh, look! I found the iPod!
Nino: Wew? Wew iPod?

He’s very easily distracted. Forgot all about the DumDum and didn’t even last ten minutes on the iPod before deciding to go across the hallway to Kuya Paco’s room. LOL.


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