so… terribly… surreal…

So the second cast didn’t do too badly at all, I think. I still missed – and continue to miss – the first cast unreservedly, but our team came together better than I thought it would that first night when we were all thrown together. Of course this doesn’t do any justice to any aspect of the experience as a whole, but here’s my little goodbye video, for what it’s worth:

Guess I’ve some more honoring to do, but that will have to wait until this term is actually over… wayyy too much to knock out in the next three days. But it’s the home stretch! the last leg…

*hugz* and love and all the best to… (in order of appearance)

Tom, Brian, Jessica, Chef Holubetz, Peaches, Jillian, Jeff, Kelsey, Rob, Aaron, Matt, Alice, Tessie, Neil, Chef Neace, Bender, Bobby, Martha, Scott, Carla, Mark, Drew, Dom, David, Patrick, Brad, Cynthia, and Karen. I’m going to miss you all tons and tons and tons! =(


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