ToT, Lunch Collab, Covers, and LOLfest afterthoughts…

I suppose it would help if I went in the order suggested by the title. Or not. xP

Yum yum yum, we kiddies should cook lunch together more often =) I broke down the two chickens, which was good practice… and I discovered that my airline breasts leave a little to be desired, so the plan is to have chicken every Thursday between now and exam week. *sigh* Fortunately that was all that didn’t seem to go as nicely as I would have liked.

Migi and Yena peeled (fifteen!) potatoes between them, and Migi opened the can of tomatoes =) Paco minced five cloves of garlic (with the cleaver), chopped two onions (with the chef’s knife), chopped all fifteen potatoes (with I’m not sure what), and sliced two red bell peppers, about which I have stories.

There were two knives in my new set that I could not foresee myself using for anything at school, so I left them out of my bag and added them to the home collection. I invited Paco to use them on the peppers, cautioning him with my story of how I cut myself with them on the very first day that I brought them to school… after having made it through seven terms of cutting myself on everything else but my [Mercer] knives. Oh, to have gotten a picture of the look on Paco’s face. He was thrilled at how sharp the Saber knives were. He even asked me if he could have the set when I got married or entered the convent or whatever is going to happen to me. (Absolutely not.)

Lifehouse’s self-titled album has met its match in my eyes, and that would be Mat Kearney’s City of Black and White. Aside from being addictive (both of them), I can listen to the whole album without skipping tracks and wanting to cover every single one. Unfortunately, percussion is what makes most of Lifehouse… but attempting acoustic covers of City of Black and White and Annie didn’t seem to go too badly. At any rate, they made it onto youtube.

Yesss, Theology on Tap is back =) Actually, it started three weeks ago, but I only found out last Wednesday and couldn’t make time for Thursday’s session on such short notice. So here I am, playing catch-up on the third week. Oh well! Yesterday’s session was on Cardinal Newman, and I was most kindly accompanied by Anna Marie and Aaron, for which I was extremely grateful.

There are no words to do yesterday justice. Unlike at last fall’s series held at Rafferty’s, there was not a section closed off for ToT; rather, ToT was the main body and they had a section marked for regular customers which was not immediately noticeable upon walking in. So cool!

Fr. Ted Ross is hilarious! and his humor can be dry at times, which means, of course, that it comes up when you least expect it. I wish he’d give a talk at CREDO! but of course he’s needed more at the seminary, so. Still, I do hope we’ll run into him again sometime. I could listen to him for twice as long as we did.

When Miss Martha watched the LOLfest video, she commented that they (the guests) seemed to just fit in with my family. I remembered feeling that way when I was putting the video together and I came across that clip where she picks Nino up and sets him on her lap. It makes me so happy to have friends like Martha and Brad and Josh, that can just come over and play with the kids and talk to Mom and Dad like they’ve been used to my family forever…

I was chatting with Michelle the other day… more like whining detestably to her… about what an unwelcome adjustment I’ll be subjected to in three weeks’ time. I’m so terribly dependent on Martha and Brad’s company; I’m still not used to not seeing them every single day, though it’s been a term or two since that was the case, and I still seek out their company before anyone else’s, except perhaps Steffy and Stevo when they’re around. I know, I know, I’m overthinking it. And I’ll make new friends and have just as much fun as before, I suppose. Perhaps what I object to most is the inevitable abruptness of it all. Three more weeks and it will just… happen…


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